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Best Drummers Ever


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Was that little laughing guy meant for me, Martin? I said Phil Collins is a good drummer; I just think he's a poor songwriter and I think he's wayyyy overrated as a rock star.

And no disrespect to you, Ironhorn. You look like a pretty big dude.

No, sorry Sammy. He wasn't laughing at anyone. It was just meant to represent me laughing because I think its funny that people think Phil Collins is a good/great drummer. Give me a drum kit and I could do better than Phil anyday - and I've never touched a drum kit in my life!

I think all the really good drummers have been listed and now, when we get to Phil Collins, I feel we're just scraping the barrell a bit. The thing is, if people LIKE him as a drummer, that's fine. I have no problem with that, because it's all a matter of taste what people like. But when he is mentioned as a "great drummer", I struggle.



Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues...

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I believe there are number of great drummers. You only need look back on Zepplin's Moby Dick to recall how great John Bonham was. And the great opening solo by Alex VanHalen in several of their mixes. What about Buddy Guy?

Honestly, for my money nobody can touch Bonham at all, unless I hear otherwise, and I know I have'nt heard everything.

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i think travis barker is good but not great. hes the only member of blink that i have any respect for. joey from slipknot is good but its overshadowed by the fact that slipknots other two drummers do nothing but climb on top of amps and jump off like there kewl. i really hate slipknot too...

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This post should have been called "your favorite drummer". There will never be a concensus #1 drummer, guitarist, bassist,etc. Music is too subjective, and there are way too many different styles to come up with a coprehensive 1,2,3,list.

That being said, I enjoy a lot of different drummers. It depends on what mood I'm in. As far as rock goes:

I've seen Neal Peart's name in here several times. While he is very, very good at his craft, I've never been a fan of the 'crashing into everything in sight' style. Don't get me wrong, it's impressive as h$ll, especially when you see him live. It just gets a bit tedious after a while.It's almost as though it's a classroom for drummers sometimes. Very precise and textbook in his approach. It's perfect if you're in the mood for something intense, though.

Stewart Copeland also falls into this category, but while he also has a disciplined style, he has a little more freelance, off the cuff attitude and isn't above throwing in some unexpected surprises every now and then.

There are some really fun drummers out there, and I think those are the ones who have a true drummer's soul. Keith Moon, Bonzo, Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker. These cats were as one with their kits. They didn't just play the drums, they became a part of the kit. Real free lancers who felt what they were doing. I'm not sure if Mitch Mitchell is still around or not.

Above average drummers are the ones who can get after it pretty good, but , for whatever reason, just can't quite break into that ' my God, he's the greatest!' category. Joey Kramer, Alex Van Halen, Tommy Lee, Bun E. Carlos, Mick Fleetwood, Roger Taylor,etc, all have their moments of greatness, but when it comes down to it, they're in the background because of the band they're in.

If you want something a little more basic, Phil Rudd, Peter Criss, Phil Collins, etc, provide a steady beat, don't do anything to blow you away, but they're solid, and that's what any drummer is supposed to be, first and foremost. Heck, I could play Peter Criss' entire solo off of 'Alive' within the first year after I picked up the drumsticks. That's not saying it's bad, just simplistic.

Anyway, sorry to have gone on for so long. I haven't played the drums in twenty years, and just talking about these drummers I used to idolize brings back those days.

Thanks Songfacts!!!!

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There are so many great drummers that have come and go, some are even still going.

Heres a few just off the top of my head.

John Bonham-Led Zepplin

Mitch Mitchlle-Jimi Hendrix

Stewart Copeland-The Police

Gene Krupa-Benny Goodman

Neil Peart-Rush

Mike Bordin-Faith No More/Ozzy

Dane Grohl-Nirvana/Probot

Travis Barker-Blink 182

* I know a lot of people really dont like blink 182 but the only real talent in the band is their drummer Travis, Without him I dont think as many people would buy their cds, not to mention hes a pretty kick ass drummer.

:rockon: :thumbsup: :drummer: :rockon: :thumbsup: :drummer:

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How about these guys








none of these guys are big ego flash players like you have mentioned previously

these guys play for the song, which is what drumming is about, who wants to play with musicians that are always ego trippin :drummer:

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Travis Barker isn't the only talent in blink. Mark and Tom may not be the best musicians, but they are inovative and enjoyable to listen too. That's what makes a good band

Anyways I don't have a favorite drummer butI love every drummer that has been mentioned. Somebody that's worth mentioning though is Carl Palmer of Emerson Lake and Palmer (ELP). He's insane. Listen to tank and Karn Evil no. 9 live. SICK NASTY!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, I'm a big fan of quick little jokes like that.

But about 95% of them are lame, and the other ones only appeal to a select few (like that last one, I'm sure that it's going to get a few angry replies that all go something like "GINGER BAKER IS NOT S***, YOU'RE MOTHER HAS INTERCOURSE WITH CAMELS!!!!!!!" :jester:(there I already did it for all of you G. Baker fans so don't bother :laughing:)

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