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  1. Could the Beastie Boys Possibly be one of the greatest bands......EVER. I dont know what it is about them. Something thats so damn appealing. Eventhough they can be said as a hip-hop band. But i guess its just they are a largely influencned by rock, not to mention they started out as a failed punk band and they play there own instruments. But the beastie boys are seriously a great great amazing band. But I really dont know any person that listens to Jay-z, DMX, Nelly, or whatever those fockers listen to, that listen or for even that fact LIKE the beastie boys. I dont know. But lucky me im seeing the B-boys on Oct. 11 at the Wachovia Center, General Addmision tickets. It will be the greatest day of my life. Well whats your view on the Beastie Boys. PETER
  2. that song all my life, i believe is about doing coke, "Don't let it go to waste, I love it but I hate the taste weight keep pinning me down." "All my life I've been searching for something something never comes never leads to nothing nothing satisfies but I'm getting close closer to the prize at the end of the rope." if you just think about it, its like, "oooooooohhh!" or thats the way i see it. Peter
  3. i think just about any chili peppers song has a rocking bass line cause flea is a golden god, just take around the world, or throw away your television, aeroplane, or the new unreleased song off there "new" mothers milk, ode to Kareem. Great freaking basslines
  4. I went to go see Tenacious D at the electric factory when i was in 8th grade and i got to meet Jack Black and KG. Funny funny guys. I also meet Jileal White(Steve Urkel)at Rutgers game when i was 6. And i kinda know Mikey from WEEN, thats just cause i know him from being a local. Something really crazy! If you watch some of the earlier episods of south park, theres a poster about milk behind chef in the lunch line. It says something about "drink milk" or something like that. Anyway theres 3 little girls on the poster all three of them go to my school, the aunt is one of the producers, Small f***ing world huh?
  5. i would just like to thank bands like The Darkness for bringing back those ripping guitar solos you hear as often as some older bands. PETER
  6. What would you say, what point in time when a certain style of music and/or band just becomes freaking annoying. I for one have kind of felt this way with Metallica. I use to love Metallica, but after a while they got a lot of exposure to more new crowds and it just got cramed down my throat and evencually i said enough is enough and just ended it. Although i do still listen to ....And justice for all... rather often, along with kill em' all . I just cant stand Saint Anger
  7. Any bands that were really good that either never made it, had some much potential and never got what they should of got, or great well known artist that never got what they should of got or anything like that.............. PETER
  8. If there is a well known artist from you howntown, let us know. I live in this little old historic town in jersey. One of those tourist attraction thats filled with antiques. Anyway theres this little community of 4 towns. Lambertville, NJ/New Hope, PA/Stockton NJ, and Doyelstown, NJ. Anyway these towns are all connected in one way or another. However these little nothing towns have produced A LOT of fame of some sort. The artist PINK is from Doyelstown. The band WEEN is from New Hope, PA which just across the river. John Popper has spent A LOT of time in New Hope. Its funny i saw him in McDonalds and got his autograph on a beverage cup(this is long before his surgery. The Sound of Urchin is also from New Hope.(if you have heard of the Sound of Urchin and/or WEEN you are a Kick*** person and your awesome in my book) also George Thergood played at a local bar called John and Peters. This is also the home of many many arists including Richie Havens. Also Scott Metzger went to my high school in Lambertville but hes a lot older than me. And for a piece of education, James Marshall(the man that started the california gold rush) is from Lambertville, but who really f***ing cares about that one! Well i thank you for reading my little piece of local fame on my community, and if you got some let us know! PETER
  9. What is your favorite way to find new bands,yeah. -MTV/MTV2/VH1? -RADIO? -MAGAZINE? -INTERNET? Personally for me i use all of them. Mainly reading magazines like revolver, modern drummer, and DRUM!. Basic internet surfing, and watching MTV2 at 2/3 mourning. Sub Question: Whats your favorite way to listen to music? -Lying in your bed with your cd player getting every moment out of it. -Blasting your stereo with your buddies. -Crusing around in your car singimg as loud as you can so no one can really hear you. -Playing along with what instrument you may play. I usually enjoy siiting by myself listening to whatever on my cd player, playing along with my drums . And even driving around in a car singing really loud. PETER
  10. bands like the clash and the carrs, they truely are some very great bands. someone help me out here cause im drawing a blank at this time.
  11. all i have to say is that bands like nirvana, pearl jam, alice in chains, smashing pumpkins, and Sonic Youth are some of the greatest bands EVER. this was a big change in music history. Destroyed some music that needed to be wacked. Take that wasp, take that poison, and take that Warrant! Long Live Grunge Rock!!
  12. Really long intros! BAH songs that just go on and on and never and, especially when the song isnt at the end of the cd, like clarity by jimmy eat world, if u have this album or own it you know what i mean. 16 minutes of the same thing.....but wait theres more.
  13. Chumbawamba...what the hell is that all about. but a band name like rage against the machine or system of a down. when you see those band names like that u automatically think they got something to say which is cool. then there are those really lame ass names like N'sync, or the back street boys, not to mention that those "bands" really SUCK. PETER
  14. i for one have no favorite song, there soooooo many greats. i know many people who agree with me. but congragulate the people that can narrow in down. thats it for me peter
  15. "bands" like hillary duff, kelly osbourn, ashley simpson, and avril levine. the "bands" like ashley simpson and kelly osbourn get their own album just because who their sister is and who their father is. Im not saying jessica simspon is a good artist(i compelely detest her and "musicians" like her. and there is that sad sorry human kelly osbourn. her father "the prince of f***ing darkness" got her daughter a band and then she made horrible music. SHE CANT SING! im sure U all know that. then theres hillary duff. a teenage actress....whatever i dont care, but just because ur a famous actress doesnt give u the right to come out with a cd. then theres avril levine who thinks shes punk, ahe aint punk. she was punk for about 5 months and started writing songs about the "hardships of being in a relationship" yah know what, no one really gives a flying f***. hell i would be happy just to be in a relationship. haha. I think every band should have to be discovered on way or another. bands just cant be put together in a fortnight and then automatically become famous. [bleep] just doesnt work that way. good bands take work.....like a marriage. thanks for reading, peter
  16. Those [bleep] Cadillac commercials that use rock n roll by led zepplin. Also Hendrix is used too much....well sometimes :beady:
  17. There are so many great drummers that have come and go, some are even still going. Heres a few just off the top of my head. John Bonham-Led Zepplin Mitch Mitchlle-Jimi Hendrix Stewart Copeland-The Police Gene Krupa-Benny Goodman Neil Peart-Rush Mike Bordin-Faith No More/Ozzy Dane Grohl-Nirvana/Probot Travis Barker-Blink 182 * I know a lot of people really dont like blink 182 but the only real talent in the band is their drummer Travis, Without him I dont think as many people would buy their cds, not to mention hes a pretty kick ass drummer.
  18. I know it may sound a bit redundent but led zepplin has been one of my biggest influences. Mainly cause im a drummer and john bonham had one of the most unique drumming styles that really stood out. Also bands like red hot chili peppers and faith no more have been some strong influences, not to mention weezer. Its also cool when a new band will come out and it will influence me rather quickly for example, bands like coheed and cambria, and thrice really stand out for me. thats it for me,
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