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  1. Thank You for replying with Sammy fronting the current lineup. Was hoping Diamond Dave might have figured in, but guess they can't, or rather Dave can't get over himself. That is to bad, because the best of VH happened over two decades ago.
  2. Look at me! I'm quoting myself to get a reply. Does anyone know the answer to this question?
  3. A few have replied with exactly the way I see things, however nobody has answered the question of who is fronting the band on their current tour?
  4. I once heard someone who posted often here that there was some sort of seperation between Grunge and Hard Rock and/or Metal. One only needs to listen to Alice in Chains to realize that though the styles are different many of the elements are much the same and taken from such groups as Black Sabbath, Zepplin. There are songs that appear to be a direct and methodical remake of Zep songs, but I think there style is directly related in beat, pace, and subject to Black Sabath. Any thoughts would be welcomed, as to these comparisons, and more importantly is the idea that they are the greatest
  5. What is up with Vanhalen, and their tour, their choice for front men?
  6. I believe there are number of great drummers. You only need look back on Zepplin's Moby Dick to recall how great John Bonham was. And the great opening solo by Alex VanHalen in several of their mixes. What about Buddy Guy? Honestly, for my money nobody can touch Bonham at all, unless I hear otherwise, and I know I have'nt heard everything.
  7. I have few that are absolutely recognizable by a note or voice: Stepenwolf, The Stones, Boston, Aerosmith, The Guess Who, Beatles (an obvious one), Stix, Kansas, Lynard Skynard, Allman Bros, Doubie Bros., ELP, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, SRV, ELO, CSN&/or, Y., Bread, Alice Cooper, Zep, Ozzie, and on and on! Who can you honestly make a beneficiary of this simple subject?
  8. For my money Alice in Chains covers the feeling of the whole grunge thing. Soundgarden being the best from the whole Seattle Grunge thing where it started! Your thoughts, and additions are recognized if not always appreciated by all who visit! Please don't come with Nervana, as it is so beatin the trail to dust, and never ever the best to come out of Seattle. Give them the just dues! Sure I love them as well, but overated.
  9. As the title may elude some, what are the thoughts of fans of Wet Willie? Wish I had one right now, but will feed off of yours; (not literally though!).
  10. I'd love to here what your own passions in music are, as well of those in the band. The reason for this is if you are to be a cover band to start with, it should cover the same sounds that you and your band are into. For example I think people respond to alot of different cover sounds, and you really cannot leave any out; from Motown, to Grunge, Metal, Classic Rock, Pop, BeBop, Country Rowdy, to anything on the fringe. You see this is not an easy question to answer! It also goes to what you are playing and capable of playing. You would'nt want to play something just cause you thought i
  11. Anyone have the information about where Robin is now? Is he strictly producing, or is there some great project going on?
  12. I agree that Soundgarden and Alice in Chains were underated in the seattle scene behind Nervana (who is also overated), but the most underated band I can think of is POCO. Now Soundgarden was playing the clubs in Seattle at the same time that Nervana was, but Alice in Chains being a San Diego band came after the beginning of the Seattle Grunge thing. Never-the-less, Soundgarden gets my vote for greatest Seattle area band, less we not forget Pearl Jam; who were also playing the clubs in the Seattle Metro during the whole hayday of the beginnings of Grunge. Of course Pearl Jam is more wel
  13. An advertisement of what? Female vocalist, male, group combo, or what? What was the adversiment selling? It is recent so does anyone recognize this?
  14. Carl, you are correct on the third. I oppoligize for not fully reading the thread and responding sooner. Your not just 70%, your 100% by my information.
  15. Nearly everyone that is a Zepplin fan will agree that almost everything they did was great. I personally think that Kashmir was third greatest, Stairway was second, and "The Rover" is absolutely the best example of Zep's ability to totally rock out. Of course no 16 million people will agree upon the best, so why beat the dead horse? Strickly speaking; Zep's best song from the standpoint of Billboard would either be "Stairway to Heaven", or it would be "Black Dog", or it would be "Nervous Breakdown", or it would be ...
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