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  1. dug

    Jamie Callum

    all at sea is a good song and he has a good album
  2. If today's music is so cool why are we listening to cover version's of the 80's, 70's,60's etc the list goes on.I myself listen to the music of today and think is that it!!!With the odd exeption here and there,I think its what you like.And what I like is old school music going back to where it began.
  3. Well My Relationship Has Been 8yrs And Ive Never Looked Back Once.Im Now Going To Stop Before I Go All Ga Ga
  4. I Looked On The 9 11 Web Site To Pay My Respects.I Found A Guy Who Was A Chef In The Twin Towers,He Was Asked What Would He Do If The Tower Was Attacked His Reply Jump.I Remember Looking At The Horrific Pictures In A Mag And There He Was In His Chef's Uniform Jumping To His Death.Im Sick And Tired Of People Being Killed By Other People For There Own Selfish Reasons.My Heart Goes Out Too Everybody Who Want's To Cry In Memory Of 9 11.Rest In Peace For You Now Are Angel's Looking Over Us.
  5. Thanks Starfish Guns And Roses November Rain Is A Wicked Tune.But Never Made It Because Of Colour Me Bad!Did You Know That Angels By Robbie Williams In 1995 Or 1996 Same Thing Again But By Flaming Mr Blobby. (Sorry To All Mr Blobby Fans But Really Your Not Missing Much )Colour Me Bad That's A Tune That I Haven't Heard In A While
  6. Can You Name Songs That Just Missed Out Of The Top Spot Chart Position Eg Oasis Wonderwall Never Made It To Top Of The Charts Because Bob The Builder Was There Instead !
  7. Okay Educate Me Here A Little Im From The Uk And I Have Never Heard Of Them ( No offence)
  8. dug

    Jamie Callum

    Gillian Maybe That Will Be His Downfall In The States.All The Cover Versions That He Is Doing Are American Anyway.And Jo Bloggs Public Will Get Bored Of It.But I Still Think He Is Good
  9. All Three Of These Are My Favs Joni Mitchell's Version Of Piece Of My Heart and Catch Me Daddy With The Big Brother Band.Carole King's If Its Over,And Carly Simon,Your So Vain.
  10. In November Of 1995 In America The Leading Chart Topper Was Coolio Song Gangsta's Paradise.The Song Trying To Claim Top Spot In America Was Up On The Roof By Robson Green & Jerome Flynn,This Was After There Smash Hit In The UK Unchained Melody.Kenny Lynch Also did A Version Of This Song , Gerry Goffin And Carole King Both Wrote The Original.Hope This Answers Your Question Dug
  11. Yes I Have To Admit I Am A Massive ABBA Fan, ( Grab Your Buckets Now Before I Start )I Have All There Albums My Fav Song Would Have To Be Andante Andante.Sorry Guys My Mum Was A Fan And I Was In My Nappies So It Came From Birth.But They Are The Fab And I Love ABBA To Bits.I Know I Need Therapy But Mr Gilmoor You Are Right In Saying On And On Is A Bit Of A Headache
  12. BubbaWabba Ive Had A Search On Google,For Cover Versions Of Imagination.I Was Mainly Looking For 90's R&B Cover Versions Of Imagination. And Came Up With An Album They Recommended That Had Bands Of The 90's Doing Hits From The 80's The Albums Called " Les Rhythm Digitals " By Dark Dancer.My Own Musical Preference Is R&B I Have Over 900 Cd's.And Will Look At My R&B Stuff Its Now Bugging Me.I Would Like To Know It Must Have A Wicked Beat,A Bit Like Body Talk,Very Sexy Rhythem.I Hope Your Feeling What Im Saying And Not Just Thinking Pervert.Take Care You Can Contact Me Here Or On My Email EmmetsVille@aol.com. Bring On R&B Love Dug PS These Guys Are Very Good As Well If I Don't Sort It They Will
  13. I Think The 80's Are Far More Intresting Musicaly Than The 90's.Tracy Chapman Came Out On To The Scene And Several Others That Are Reguarded As Being Good Bands.
  14. Wow That Was Pretty Good It Just Rolls Of The Tongue Nice One.When Should We Watch This Space For The Next One
  15. Gillian do you want a copy if you can't find it?
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