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same band- different incarnations??

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I am a major Stones fan and I realized quite some time ago that two very popular bands seem to have recycled the stones almost completely. The Stones were huge beginning in the 60's, then in the 70's Aerosmith came along,and were huge, and in the 90's The Black Crows seemed to be trying the same thing. I love all three bands, it just seems that in music, attitude and style Aerosmith and the Crows seem to have taken what worked for the Stones and applied it to their bands- even down to the lead singer. Compare Mick Jagger to Steven Tyler- do you see a lot of differnce? does anyone else see this? It's not important- just a hmmmm? ::

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I'll admit, Tyler and Jagger do look a lot alike. Both have incredible energy on the stage as well as having their own distinctive voices.

Both are among my favorite vocalists and each could suck a lemon across the room with those lips. :P

I can see a lot of similarities to Robinson of the Black Crowes as well. Lots of onstage energy and frilly outfits.

Not all performers look suited wearing wardrobes such as Jagger, Tyler or Robinson. But each of them has natural talent as well as slim, lanky bodies and would look funny wearing blue jeans and a football jersey IMO. Long live vocalists such as these.

Stones, Aerosmith and The Black Crowes. Now that would be one hell of a concert! :coolio:

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Let's take it back a step and say they were all inspired by American Blues music, especially Chuck Berry. "Big 10 Inch Record," "Ain't Too Proud To Beg," "Hard To Handle" - all covers of Blues or Soul records, which is a way for them to pay tribute to their influences.

All 3 bands also have preening lead singers who overacheive in a big way when it comes to the ladies. Steven Tyler took a lot of heat for being a Mick Jagger clone, but I think he's made quite a mark on his own.

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carl you are so right. the blues and chuck berry were the 2 of biggest influences on the stones. keith richards has said that his inspiration and style came directly from berry.FYI- I live 20 miles from berry's home compound. he has closed it now but 30 years ago he used to open the compound and perform in the hall that he has there. he charged 2 bucks a head, and since it was private property, we were allowed to bring in coolers of beer or whatnot. since we were in high school that was extremly cool(or so we thought)Im glad im not the only one that sees the similarities between these bands- i guess thats why i like them all so much :guitar:

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Hmmm...similarities. First there is the original rocker, then there is a band with a similar style or voice, and then of course, there is always the wannabe. Here is what I came up with so far:

- Pink Floyd, Queensryche

- Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake

- Metallica, Marilyn Manson

- Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen

- Stevie Nicks, Mazzy Star

- Hall & Oates, Bryan Adams

- Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles

- Debbie Gibson, Britney Spears

- New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys

- Pearl Jam, Creed

- Diana Ross, Michael Jackson

- ABBA, Ace of Base

- Yes, Rush, and The Fixx

- David Lee Roth, Kid Rock

- Cyndi Lauper, Gwen Steffani

- Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion

- David Bowie, David Byrne

- Sade, Dido

- Bob Dylan, Tom Petty

- The Doors, The Cult

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Catherine, Led Zeppelin/Whitesnake is too funny! And too right!

Pearl Jam/Creed is another carbon copy IMO. The others are good too. Thanks for the early morning chuckle. ::

How 'bout Metallica/Godsmack? When I first heard the song, Straight Out of Line, I could have sworn it was Metallica.

Another, Billy Idol and Simple Minds. They don't look much alike but the song, Don't You Forget About Me, was a dead ringer for Idol IMO.

Blur's Leisure album has always reminded me of a modern day Byrds.

I couldn't help but noticing a striking resemblance to Elvis in Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

This is fun. :P

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David Coverdale: what a Robert Plant knock off/rip off. Ever hear "In the Still of the Night" by Whitesnake? The whole "oooh baby" part is so obviously (and ridiculously) Robert Plant!

Scott Stapp from Creed on the other hand - well, Ed Vedder is such an amazing singer. Scott should be flattered.

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Nope, those bands have a sound all their own. I can't think of any new bands that truly have their own sound.

Speaking of Rush, I remember when their first album came out, self titled, and it reminded me a lot of Led Zeppelin, especially the song What You're Doing. I've always considered Rush a space-age Zep.

I can just imagine Rush doing a cover of a song like No Quarter.

I've always heard that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery. I imagine Plant gets a kick out of watching the whoa-oh whoa-oh whoas in Still of the Night. :P

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- Yes, Rush, and The Fixx

Never thought about the Fixx in the mix ::

But what cracks me up is how Rush seemingly-tried sounding like Led Zep first and then eventually developed their own sound. They also changed quite a bit between

2112, Hemispheres, Moving Pictures, Hold Your Fire, etc.

quite an evolution if you ask me!


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In this thread, talk about which current bands are similar to older bands. I don't mean who's ripping off who, I mean...well I'll show you.

The Flaming Lips are this generation's Pink Floyd, because they are able to make artistically challenging and creative music that have a noticeable pop aspect to them (mainly the ability to sing along to their songs and hooks).

Weezer is this generation's Beatles, because they are enjoyed by youth and adults.

Marilyn Manson is this generation's KISS because he frightens adults, and in the future will probably be taken as a joke.

Radiohead is this generation's David Bowie, because they are able to musically reinvent themselves constantly, as its fanbase only grows larger.

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I'd agree, but Lennon was more universally liked than Bono. A lot of people think Bono is a pretentious...douche (I've got no opinion on him, just relaying information). Also, Lennon connected with the youth, while much of Bono's fanbase is middle aged. However, he could be considered this generation's Lennon because he is one of the most famous and respected artists who is constantly pushing for a better world.

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Actually I agree with TheLizard, in the last 25 years, U2 has probably been the best band I can think of, in terms of lasting power & staying on top. The only album of theirs I like personally is Achtung Baby though, the rest are too focused & centered on flamboyant pop eccentrics.

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