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Wheres my FROG????


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i absolutely hate bananas with a burning passion. ::

What did bananas ever do to you? Granted, ones that dance are a bit unnerving, but the basic, sit on the counter in the fruitbowl variety...surely you don't harbor hard feelings towards those...

Geez, I can't believe this thread has gone on for five pages.

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look at me, i'm a flounder now! i always loved the little mermaid, it was one of my favourite disney movies! i used to sing her 'part of your world' song to myself in the swimming pool and imagine i was a mermaid too (it was a long time ago, okay?!)

and bt jr i can't quite explain my hatred of all things fruity (esp bananas) but i've been this way for years and i'm not changing now!

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just read this thread properly for the first time since the absinthe incident and realised i missed a whole lot!

i'm quite surprised at how many pople have a connection with germany actually! diggs, as far as i know the germans are quite fussy about not allowing dual citizenship. we had the option of choosing betwen a german passport (i had one til i was 12) or an irish (which is far more of a commodity judging by the experience of several people i know!) but we couldn't have had both. also that's why my father never became an irish citizen, because it would have meant giving up his german citizenship. (ooh and btw we don't really call ireland 'eire'!)

joe heidelberg is gorgeous, haven't been to the other two places (yet) and you're a very naughty boy, behave!

daniel, :) 906 posts isn't that many, i can do that no bother! (i must be closer already?!?)

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as far as i know the germans are quite fussy about not allowing dual citizenship.

I know the case, some of my friends are german and spanish, for instance, and they had to choose. It depends on each country; I am both french (jus sanguini) and argentinian (jus soli), and as I lived many years in Spain and my husband is spanish, I can also ask for my spanish citizenship. (my grand-father was half german, by the way... he was mainly russian but spoke many languages, german as well. I studied three years in school aber alles Ich kann spracht ist gemüse suppe und "·$%&@#¢??...)

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The last time I got trollied in Germany was in East Berlin a couple of years after the wall came down. I was on a college trip, discovering the remnants of Prussian grandeur before BK and Kentucky move in. I ended up in a hotel bar with a group of German kids, swapping stories about east v west, and was poured out the following morning. According to the other classmembers whom I met up with later that morning, I really did look like a corpse and smelt like I had been sleeping in a gents urinal. Happy days.

Put me off Barclay James Harvest for life though.


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einen grosse pomme frittes

einen hamburger royale mit casse

einen duken visen, bitte.

I know those probably aren't spelled correctly.It's been 19 years since I was in Germany. I was stationed in a little hamlet called Amberg. The post was up the hill from town. The town itself was actually at one point, some sort of fortress. It's completely surrounded by a huge wall, and a moat. The moat has been turned into a park, though.

I saw alot of Germany from the back of an M-113 personel carrier. It's beautiful country. I wish I could go back as a civilian and see it for real.

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