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Films on TV you can't avoid watching


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even if i have the film on dvd and have seen it a million times, i still love to watch it on tv! i've recently watched american beauty twice in a fortnight, just cos it was on. can't resist anything from my childhood like back to the future, star wars, willow, home alone. i defy anyone to switch off the godfathers I or II!

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John Carpenter's The Thing is one of those movies I can watch over and over again.

It's hilarious. ::

I never miss the "The Longest YARD". :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

:afro: :afro: :afro:

I love it when he drives the car into the river. Skynyrd's Saturday Night Special was playing. And then, he's in a bar getting drunk when the police come to arrest him:

Why did you drive that car into the river?

I couldn't find a car wash. *infamous Burt laugh*

It was on this past Sunday. Every Sunday a movie for guys who love movies comes on. This Sunday is Cool Hand Luke. ::

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oooh yeah, I havent seen Cuckoo's nest in a long time, I'd like to see that again, but I never see it on TV on those classic movie stations...wish they would show that more often....It seems like almost every other weekend It's The Breakfast Club, enough already, good movie, but not one I would watch over and over again, ya know?

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