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How long do you plan to stay?

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I think, she means like you trying to become the new "Forum A**hole". Even though, you're not ready to take the likes of me on.


What I mean is people worrying more about being in the limelight and running with the cool kids :laughing: rather than enjoying the topics and including everyone in the discussion. Sometimes you don't want to interrupt an off-topic discussion with something you have to say about the original post ::. Like I said, I hope SF doesn't go that route! :thumbsdown:

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Till it becomes more of a popularity contest than a music forum :thumbsdown:. I have heard this is the fate of most forums, which is such a shame! :: Keep SF alive and don't let it suffer the fate of those other forums! Please? :puppyeyes:

It looks like it's reaching the gutter shortly, these boards have changed over the past week or so, topics are becoming off base & the intellect is slowly declining. I?m partially to blame for this, & I apologize. I?m doing my best though to stay focused on the enlightenment of the forums & hope this doesn?t inflict any of your plans on leaving, we?d love to see you stick around. smile009.gif

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