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If you could be any rock star...

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who would it be?

I would say John Paul Jones. From what I know, he had/has a normal life. He was also in my favorite band, and is a great musician, very multi-talented, and underrated. I would want to be underrated, that way, nobody would ever complain about me being overated. Also, Led Zeppelin wasn't the type of band that was constantly getting into fights with each other.

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I'm sticking with Tommy Lee :laughing: Haha

Seriously though, probably someone along the lines of.....

I agree with Batman, John Paul Jones would be perfect, maybe it's the reason of not being over rated, or the fact that I want to be in Led Zeppelin.

Another one would be Ozzy Osbourne, except I would have the balls to tell my wife, that I don't want to do a #@$%&! TV show.

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Female (alive): Pat Benatar...tremendously talented - what a voice, a gorgeous husband (oh wait, I already have one of those)...and she looks amazing herself!

Male (deceased): Jim Morrison - he was an enigma. I'd love to see the world through his eyes; to feel what he felt, to think what he thought, to know what made him tick, and what drove his creativity...to understand what many people were confounded by, in awe of, and at times afraid of. I'd like to know what Jim was afraid of.

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