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2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa


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It is difficult to sum up my reaction, but it's something like this...

AHAHAHAHAH in your FACE YOU HAD IT COMING ALL ALONG YOU CHEATING BLO... heyyy noo I'm fine no need for this tranquilliser

...f*ck YEAH :grin:

On another note...

Yes. Don't you miss us?

Of course, that's why I'm here! ;)

....YEAH :happybanana:

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I missed the first two matches again, I really got to start scheduling vacation time off work for these tournaments. But seriously Germany what was that? I'm all for the underdog and I like Serbia as a team, but really coming off such an amazing performance, Germany should have done better. My sincerest condolances Martin.

Now everyone please pray for us because David James is in net and if you thought Green did badly that's nothing to what James has done in his time. :P

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