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2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa


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I got a mani/pedi yesterday and France v Uruguay was on the tv at the salon. I tried so hard to get into the spirit but all they seemed to do was mill around. Not much seemed to happen. I think I'll stick to competitive hot dog eating as my main sport of choice. :grin:

that was a particularly bad/boring match, maybe England vs USA today will be better? ;)

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well, I certainly won't dare to make such a judgement, but if you say so... :shades: :D

but seriously, no, you don't ;)

maybe you won't win against England, but with the other teams in the group, Algeria and Slovenia, you have good chances...

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you have to think in terms of football (soccer, whatever) - the 1:1 draw against Mexico was a VERY good result for South Africa, eg

and come to think of - you can even lose and NOT suck, if you play good. Just like Nigeria did today (they lost 1:0 against Argentina, who's one of the top favourites for the Cup)

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Well at least no draws so far today, so Americans can perhaps be not quite so bored. :P

I was surprised Argentina wasn't more dominant, but I'm glad South Korea did well (2-0 against Greece), thanks in part to a certain Man United midfielder. :D

But to the issue at hand: Eng vs USA 1-0

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What the hell...job opening for England: goalkeeper. :doh: :confused:

the first thing the German commentator said: "Will this never end with England and their goalkeepers? :crazy: "

edit: PS, phil, Italy plays on Monday

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Friend of mine says a sliding tackle from behind is a red card penalty. The only one in a sea of 'WTF?!?!?!'s.

Germany is ruthless. Obviously the better team but my GOD they're brutal. Deserve to win, but I'm totes not supporting them for lack of friendly vibes.

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