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2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa


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Viva Mexico!!

And yay New Zealand for actually having a team in this!

I should probably use this as a chance to learn something about football seeming as I'll probably be moving to either Spain or South America sometime in the next year and I've heard they're rather fond of this little ball game.

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sure :)

Groups have 4 teams each, everyone plays everyone once (so 3 matches for each taem), the top 2 can move on to the Knockout stage.

in one match:

victorious team gets 3 points

draw gets 1 point for each team

losing team gets 0

in the end the ranking in the group is determined:

1. number of points

2. goal difference from all three matches

3. number of goals shot in all three matches

4. if there are two teams in a group where all three are the same, the direct comparison (ie the match between those two) is taken into account

and if THAT was a draw too,

5. then the 'winner' is drawn by lot :P (can't remember that this ever happened though)

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I'll be rooting for my beloved Three Lions, hopefully Rooney's fitness will not be an issue otherwise its a solid team unfortunately plagued by ridiculous pressure from people like me. :D

Good on South Africa for getting a point, though there is still the likelihood that this could end up being one of the worst performances from a hosting nation.

The draw wasn't really a huge surprise since Mexico doesn't have a terribly strong side aside from Vela, Gio and Marquez who haven't been playing all that well in their respective European clubs.

One almost feels sorry for France, they'll never fully live down that disgrace.

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^ 'almost' ;)

Thanks! And while we're at it, how do the rounds after that work? :P

that's the knock-out stage, one match, winner advances to the next round (or wins the cup in the final)

in case of a draw after 90 minutes there's a 2x 15 minutes extension and if it's still a draw then, a penalty shootout :)

the matches in Round of the last 16 gets chosen like: winner of group A vs second of group B, etc :)

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