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What would you do?

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I'd wave at them, and ask for some pictures with them to put on Facebook.

*The article "an" is just used for vowel-sounding words. U is a vowel, but it has the y-sound. The X in x-ray has an E-ish sound, so it gets to hang out with "an." So it's pretty much "an" is used for words that have an initial vowel sound, and "a" is used for words with initial consonant sounds. Like eulogy and euphemism begin with an e, but sound like a y... if that makes sense. :D (How'd you make the text smaller?)

What would you do if Tom Hanks asked you to go on a cross-country run with him?

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I'd go along with him, but I'd have a backup car somewhere, so I could go home at anytime I choose.

WWYD if during the cross-country trip, Mr Hanks started treating you like a volleyball that is his best friend?

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I'd find the nearest large body of water with a desolate island in the middle of it, and dump him there with a magic marker pen, a flashlight, and a volleyball.

What would you do if you found yourself flying due East across the Pacific ocean with Amelia Earhart?

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I thought going back in time was going back so how would it be possible to never come back since you're already there anyway?

If I could go back in time I'd change the continuum (unintentionally) so outlandishly drastic (in other words; "f..k up") that it's most likely none of us would be here now!

What would you do if Someone stole your identity?


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"Eat lead, you Hippie Cat!" (Talking animals can't be trusted outside of Narnia.)

What would you do if giant floating brains arrived, absorbing knowledge from all, leaving idiots in their path...all except YOU? (Yes, this is from THAT "Futurama" episode.)

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What would you do if Jabba the Hutt came on to you? (UGH!)

Quite funny you mention that. I've had a recurrent nightmare that mimics the sound of a sports announcer; like this:\\

"Ladyzzz and gentlemeeeeen!


Tonight we're happy to introduce in the left-hand corner wearing blue and purple trunks;


And, out of the right-hand corner and from a galaxy far, far away;

Jabaaahhh . . . the hut!"

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Sit in jail ,I guess - try to make friends with the cops. There ARE worse places , after all - like home -with the spouse/family chewing you out for whatever you did !

WWYD if a country /company had something on you and they wanted you to spy for them ?

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Send it back to the principal for a reissue- you paid for it , right ? Clearly you got the lone defective copy , and they wouldn't want THAT to represent his/her tenure .

What would you do if a week passed and Shawna had nothing to bit*h about ?! :laughing:

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