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What would you do?

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Ask my bank about it.

WWYD if you knew someone did something really bad that they would go to jail for but you could relate to why they did it, and under the same circumstances you may have done the same thing?

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Love, Faith, Hope and Charity die behind prison walls. I'll be waiting for you once you're paroled.

If you were unjustly imprisoned, what would you do to escape? A "Count of Monte Cristo"? A "Shawshank" crawl?

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I would take the Shawshank crawl, even though it took 20 years to dig that hole.

What would you do if the Prize Sweepstakes came to your house telling you that you're the grand winner, and then it turned out they have the wrong address?

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I'd first:

1. Make sure what I heard was not only political hooey but scientific theory combined with the fact that everyone these days only thinks as far as their next text message...over and over.

No need for a second entry.


What would you do if you went without a cell-phone for one day?

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