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How Long Do You Have to Live?


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I once followed a series on U.S.A. National Public Radio that featured interviews with centenarians; and not those simply vegetating in nursing homes, but those who still live active lives. After a year long study across the nation, the reseacher/host/interviewer came to the conclusion that there were 4 commonalities with all these active ancients.

1. Not surprisingly, a willingness to exercise beyond normal movement.

2. Because most centenarians outlive not only their spouses and early friends, but children as well - they possess a non-destructive means for dealing with grief.

3. Initially the interviewer wanted the centenarians to recall their past, but found most insisted on talking about their future plans; concluding that compelling goals were vital to long life. (One 106 year-old woman had recently enrolled in Spanish language lessons, at a nearby community college. Her granddaughter said she had to "schedule" times to lunch with her "more active" grandma!)

4. A very good sense of humor, quick wit and eager laugh.

Live well and long, my friends.

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I got five stars and will live to be 97. There were no cholesterol questions, though. I have had two grandfathers pass away in their '70's due to atheroscelerosis, so I have my cholesterol checked every year.

didn't it ask questions about heart disease? I don't remember, but I thought it did...

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According to the information I've read, I should have already been dead.

Just goes to show and I quote:

"Don't believe everything you read."

I'm a walking, talking example of the previous fact.

Interesting thread, nevertheless.

Even if I died tonight/today, it wouldn't be that far from the day/night I was born.

Eternity is for ever and ever . . .

. . .

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