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What Are You Smoking Or Taking?


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well, here is a video of the kind of show I have in mind...


but a camera really can't capture what it's like to be at a big dance show like this. it probably looks stupid to someone viewing this on their computer, but when you're in the midst of something like this it's absolutely incredible.

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*sigh* :puppyeyes:

Lea, you´re worried about our youth taking dope or you´re nostalgic about the good old times? :cool:

My first trip was mescaline, in 1971. I was 15 and the room became like in Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds... multicouloured huge paper flowers growing of the walls, the room was like a plastic ball... we laughed a lot too.

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I remember (this is from, like '72) always describing mescaline as a body trip, compared to acid being a mind trip. Mescaline does make you laugh a lot. Truthfully, I wouldn't worry about mescaline, I've never once heard of anything bad (trip, or otherwise) happening on mescaline. It's the same effect you get eating peyote (that's what it's made from).

Not encouraging anything here, just saying it's probably not very harmful.

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Yeah, I was a little disappointed at the time that it wasn't profound or even very visual, but in retrospect, I had a great time talking to my friend and really got to know him a lot better. I feel like it was a bonding experience, it's certainly a much more social drug than acid, which I found made talking difficult.

I'm certainly glad I did it, but I'm not sure whether I'd do it again anytime soon. It tasted awful (I'd probably just swallow it in gelcaps in future) and it was pretty expensive (damn War On Drugs!).

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