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Billy Joel Shot dead by Ex (Please note this is a joke, don't be alarm


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"We come here to praise the dearly departed...he's NOT departed? So who's mind departed? Oh, THAT fellow. So, what shall we do with this morbid prankster? I think the word that fits is: "Seppuku," to be carried out with a bamboo sword. Oh wait, that punishment leaves SUCH a mess. This calls for stern measures, however. I propose that the offender be disciplined in the Japanese Imperial Army way: 100 laps around Tokyo Bay (including the wet part) with a 100Kg pack. If he returns the least bit damp, it's 100 times around Honshu...in the middle of Winter! Too medieval, you say? OK, send him to...Guantanamo Bay, where he will pray 5 times a day and face...NYC!" :jester:

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