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First song of the morning


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Sweet City Woman - The Stampeders

had to listen to this song


hmmm hope you can listen cause I can't get youtube to put it up right.


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saw mommys post
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Father's Last Words

Pat Dailey

From "Great American Saturday Night"

Now sit down my sons, I've something to say, what my father told me on his dying day. Now, to my own sons, I pass this along, for my time is at hand, and soon I'll be gone.

I've tried to teach you what's right and what's wrong. Be upright, be honest, be brave and be strong. Be kind and be true, to the good friends you've made, and never turn down a chance to get laid.

To the young ones, the old ones, the hot ones, the cold ones, the skags and the hags, the free and the paid.To the rich ones, the poor ones, the drunk-on-the-floor ones, if she's ugly son, pull down the shades, but never turn down the chance to get laid....

Boys now I lay here, my body's all broke. I pray you'll be heedin', these last words I spoke. As I greet my Maker, I clearly now see, why all of your mothers, are so pissed-off at me.

To the big ones, the small ones, the short ones, the tall ones, the street walkin' hooker, the cook or the maid. To the flat-chested-screamer, the big-breasted big-beamer, never mind if she's fertile or spayed, never turn down a chance, to get laid.

To the the sleazy, the easy, the smelly, the greasy, the smutty, the slutty, the chubby ones too. To the classic two-bagger, the two-legged-tail-wagger. And boys, you'll know when your through.... When you've found one you love, who loves you.

But 'till you do.........

To the black ones, to the white ones, to the loose ones to the tight ones. To the freaks, to the geeks, the uniques and moldy antiques. To the nasty, to the mean, the obese, the obscene, never turn down the chance, always go for romance, never turn down the chance, always go for the pants, never turn down the chance, to get laid.

Let Pat give you a smile.....

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it would be easier if it's called "First song of the morning" or something like that :/


You can change the thread title if you'd like Farin. I really wouldn't mind :D

The first song I needed to hear today was The Watchman's Gone by Gordon Lightfoot. It's 8:30 pm right now but I have been to busy yo post until now.

I worked on my nomination for the Best Canadian Artists for quite awhile last night and had forgotten how much I love that mans music. I only have have him on albums now and don't have a record player so I rarely listen to him any more. I have a feeling I may get obsessed again :laughing:

I really enjoyed putting that nomination up :D

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