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First song of the morning

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I know we have a "what song are you listening to right now" thread but this is a little different.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just have to hear a certain song. Almost like you crave it and if you don't hear it first thing, your day just won't be right till you do hear it.

I don't mean a song you hear on a list or even a radio. But a song you want to hear because you just need to. You can share a link if you want and any genre will fit right in.

It might tell us what your mood is today :D

I do this almost daily. Today for me it was:

Touch Me - The Doors :bow:

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You may all think me a dork for that, but for quite some time, I wrote down the song that was in my head immediately upon waking up every morning. It was really interesting to see what songs popped up again and again for a week and then disappeared, how that was influenced by a certain CD or band I listened to all the time, and so on...

Then I got a radio alarm clock and it doesn't work anymore.

Back on topic... this morning it was one or two lines from Rael 1 -- The Who. I didn't need to listen to the whole song, just a small part of it...

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I had ItaloDisco in my mind because I'm planning on making a compilation disc for a colleague at work :headphones:

This, here, is "Fotonovela" by Ivan. Ironically, he's from Spain, but it still falls under the "ItaloDisco" subgenre.

I also had to listen to a song in my YouTube playlist:

Takahashi Hiro


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As soon as I get the chance I wanna listen to these songs but these days I don't have much time I can call my own :puppyeyes:

The Doors song is on my PTT and after my name comes up I will enter some of the songs in the ten :D That Doors song is one of them :thumbsup:

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I haven't had a song pop into my head yet today but the day is young. I have been so busy again today I haven't had much time for my own thoughts.

By this evening I'm sure something will pop in demanding that I give it a listen. :D

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