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First song of the morning

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How can you remember that?!

I wake up with the radio, but by the time I'm actually aware of where I am, 5 songs have passed.

Then I descend and find food and by the time I think of songfacts and this thread, 20 songs have passed and I can't remember the first one :P

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Soul Shake - Delaney & Bonnie from Lucky's Personal Top Ten. I had listened to it off her list last night and HAD to hear it again first thing today. In fact I listened to it several times through today! It gets the juices flowing .....

Oooooooooooo do doop dooooooooo

Oh geez thank you Ron!! Not for liking my song, for waking me up this morning! I stayed up watching the Olympics last night, and then couldn't go to sleep. I'm literally going to work on 3 hours of sleep. Thank you Delaney & Bonnie, that helped. A lot. ;)

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