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  1. THe Ballad of Irving.. by Frank Gallop..
  2. HAAHAHA you can't have it.. i mean.. come on.. i'll be watchin Fedor break Tim Sylvia's face later on that same day.. I just qualified with my patrol rifle.. can i help it.. abba just does it to me..
  3. My co-workers are def questioning my masculinity but then again they're cops not known to be the brightest breed.. I'm looking forward to seeing Mamma Mia far more than ANOTHER batman movie.. the heath ledger point will compel me to see it because regardless of his death he was a helluva actor.. as for Mamma Mia.. i hope its pulled off well.. i've seen the stage play in kansas city.. atlanta.. and Vegas.. Absolutely love it.. haha the kids better like it too i'm takin them..
  4. Umm as for commercial stuff.. just saw Hancock.. and though will smith is gettin a little tomcruised to me. i actually liked it.. found it entertaining.. and it seemed quick.. it never dragged out.. As for funny stuff.. caught an old Roger Corman indy movie from the early 70's called GASSSS With Cindy Williams (Laverne and Shirley) and Ben Vereen.. that.. was..... umm interesting.. i couldn't stop watching at 2:35am.. Follow it? not a chance.. but it was memorable..
  5. I liked Donny.. never got a chance to see a lot of brothers on tv back then LOL
  6. Got em on my Myspace page.. lol.. they rock.. when they come back to Atlanta I'mplaying hooky from the station!!
  7. Feargal Sharkey.. the english solo artist.. Big fan of his back in the 80's heard him on a cool ass show on WXRT in Chicago called "Rock over London".. it came on Wed at 10pm i never missed it.. "A good heart" went to #`1 in the UK but hit only 74# in the US. and an even better song.. "You little Thief" hit 5# in the UK but never even charted here.. Feargal was even on an American Bandstand episode i remember. Dangit.. thought i would be ahead of the boys in the hood with him.. but he never got anywhere here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tGp5AuSMhI
  8. Yeahh i gotta give it up to you Barry.. that and "you never give me your money" LOL gotta be Paul behind that.. That theme on abbey road.. plus George's stuff makes it my favorite..
  9. Low Spark of high heeled boys.. Traffic...
  10. I totally agree Barry.. when Terry Kath playing around blew his head off. Chicago.. just sank.. the syrupy Peter Cetera stuff is what everyone remembers now.. Ironic.. Cetera won't return or from what i understand doesn't communicate with the guys at all.. Terry Kath.. man.. Questions 67&68
  11. I don't remember anything on GFRR and drugs.. i know that they got ripped off badly by their manager.. Too young to have seen em.. but its funny that with as many records they sold.. the critics hated em and seemingly they get left out when great bands are discussed.
  12. YOu know who has totally ruined that song for me.. i can't get him out of my mind when i hear it.
  13. WOW take me back. that Dali's Car album was awesome.. it was Mick Karn of Japan and Peter Murphy of Bauhaus.. kind of a one off thing.. that was fantastic album.. i liked it better than Peter's solo stuff..
  14. I simply wasn't a big fan of the new version of Hotel California.. the twin guitar attack of Fielder and Walsh really nailed that song for me.. and the flamenco thing.. just didn't get me As for Stairway.. i had to vote for it.. i love Page's solo.. it just tells a story and builds on itself.. i read plant quote that he always thought that Kashmir would be the song that people would flip for.. Well its good.. and we don't need to go through that Puffy incident
  15. "Leaving me Now' By Level 42.. it has a great piano lick.. Partial to Head over Heels by Tears for Fears too.. its soo damn simple yet really good.. Might i also add. "Captain of her heart" by DOuble.. thats .. good one..
  16. NOOO its not Living Colour.. that album of theirs stain was wild. this is a three piece outta england.. I'll look around the mess of my place for the cd.. BTW the best Living colour song IMO is "Nothingness" written by the drummer Will Calhoun..
  17. I have a cd i've had since college (late 80's early 90's) of a british band three piece called STAIN. their black i think (tough to tell from picture but i believe so).. Its great however i've googled it and man i can't come up with it.. Has anybody heard of them.. or heard em? One part of a lyric to a great song is.. "My father once said.. its better to be.. strong than the weak.. shepherd than the sheep..my father once said..
  18. Hey i'm Jeff. cop in atlanta originally from Chicago... I have a varied taste.. but i'm a total sucker for 80's new wave stuff.. i do luv the classic rock and I'm goin to see Mamma Mia when it opens. ALso huge guitar guy.. Beck, Hendrix,.. Bloomfield..
  19. I find it kinda funny.. I find it kind of sad.. dreams in which I'm dying are the best i've ever had.. Tears for Fears.. "Mad World"..
  20. Just Plant on that one.. the second album principle of Moments.. Robbie Blunt on guitar.. great track..
  21. That'd be Chas Chandler.. the guy who "discovered" Jimi Hendrix..
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