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  1. Udo

    Music Metropoles

    Paul Revere & the Raiders. Don't forget Austin.
  2. Udo

    Worst Televised Performances

    These two are fairly bad, but the others are so much worse! LOL "We're gonna get the biggest record deal in the industry... because we're smart."
  3. I put the lyrics to Somebody's Knocking in the other thread by wineguy. I don't see any unusual phrases, honestly.
  4. Udo


    I think this was answered in the other thread.
  5. Udo

    songs about summer or graduation

    Here Comes the Sun?
  6. Udo

    Songs with Literary References

    She Blinded Me with Science, then.
  7. The Necromancer by Rush the end of Young Lust by Pink Floyd has a telephone conversation Cult of Personality by Living Colour has audio clips of famous speeches
  8. Udo

    Songs with Literary References

    Nobody's yet mentioned Ring Around Your Finger by the Police. I always considered that as an allusion to the Lord of the Rings, until I read the Three Musketeers. It fits much better with the latter, most notably that D'Artagnan recognizes the female antagonist by her ring.
  9. Draggin' the Line by Tommy James
  10. Are we including single artists, like Rick Springfield & Olivia Newton-John?
  11. Udo

    2009 in music

    Any good bands planning to reunite?
  12. Oh man, that's classic!
  13. Udo

    Songs about the girl of your dreams

    I need a lover who won't drive me crazy by John Cougar?
  14. Udo

    Bad Albums by Great Bands

    I still say Rush's Counterparts takes the cake. I just can't listen to anything on the album at all, and I like just about all their other material.