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  1. Sia is Sia Furler a singer-songwriter from Australia. Her voice, sound and style are much akin to Nelly Furtado. Only I don't really care for Nelly Furtado, but I adore Sia. Her pop songs are catchy, her deeper songs are touching, her oddball songs are great. There are 200 reviews on iTunes with an average rating of 4.0. I give it 5.0, since I think every song is a winner. Most of the songs feature the typical set: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums with cello (perhaps other strings) and piano on the softer tracks. The following are the tracks, not in order: I Go to Sleep is a cover of the Pretenders, who covered the Kinks. If I had to pick a "worst song," this would be it, simply because it is a cover, even though this version is excellent. The sad, mournful sound of Sia's voice matches the song's theme and mood perfectly. Lentil, Soon We'll Be Found, and Beautiful Calm Driving are all softer songs about relationships. The Girl You Lost to Cocaine and Electric Bird are counter-themed songs... that is, the music is uplifting when the theme is dark. (I'm assuming here that Electric Bird alludes to the death penalty, though I could be wrong). Little Black Sandals is a song about walking away from a bad relationship, much like These Boots Are Made For Walking. You Have Been Loved is a slow, sad song about being dumped but moving on. Academia (featuring Beck) is an quirky, uptempo song about unrequited love, apparently with somebody who's fairly intelligent. Both Lullaby and Death by Chocolate are "building" songs... that is they start very soft and end strong. Both have the theme of accepting what is bad and taking the good from it. Playground and Buttons (hidden track) are the most upbeat, catchy tunes of the album. I caught onto Sia's music because somebody on YouTube claimed the Buttons video is one of the worst ever. The album is set up as a roller-coaster, much like Journey's early albums. That is, you won't hear four sad songs in a row, but a sad song then a catchy tune, then another sad song. This formula works very well to emphasize each song and its meaning. And just about every song has real meaning. Each song reaches into you and touches a chord of humanity. So, with that said, give it a listen. I'm very glad I did.
  2. For instance: Authority Song by Jimmy Eat World refers to John Cougar's Authority song I Ain't Even Done with the Night by John Cougar refers to Sam Cooke on the radio Runnin' Down a Dream (Tom Petty) mentions singing "Little Runaway" with Del (Shannon) Golden Earring's Radar Love mentions Peggy Lee True by Spandau Ballet mentions listening to Marvin (Gaye) Journey's Castles Burning talks describes a hollywood romance as "crimson and clover" That's not to mention "montage songs" like We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel, Rocket by Def Leppard, Raised on Radio by Journey, etc. Hmm... after writing this, I notice that Songfacts has a Group for songs that mention other artists, and Rocket's not included. But Songfacts doesn't seem to have a group for songs that mention other songs (which Rocket also should be in). So this post has evolved. What it Takes by Aerosmith also mentions other Aerosmith songs. Fat Bottomed Girls and Bicycle Race by Queen refer to each other.
  3. I'm not talking about bleeped songs, I'm talking about songs with whole sections removed. I can think of two examples: Neither of these videos have are censored versions. I haven't heard these versions on the radio in a long time. Miracles by Jefferson Starship [sexually explicit lyrics] Money for Nothing by Dire Straits [lyrics using an epithet against homosexuals]
  4. Udo

    Music Metropoles

    Paul Revere & the Raiders. Don't forget Austin.
  5. Udo

    Worst Televised Performances

    These two are fairly bad, but the others are so much worse! LOL "We're gonna get the biggest record deal in the industry... because we're smart."
  6. I put the lyrics to Somebody's Knocking in the other thread by wineguy. I don't see any unusual phrases, honestly.
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    I think this was answered in the other thread.
  8. Udo

    songs about summer or graduation

    Here Comes the Sun?
  9. Udo

    Songs with Literary References

    She Blinded Me with Science, then.
  10. The Necromancer by Rush the end of Young Lust by Pink Floyd has a telephone conversation Cult of Personality by Living Colour has audio clips of famous speeches
  11. Udo

    Songs with Literary References

    Nobody's yet mentioned Ring Around Your Finger by the Police. I always considered that as an allusion to the Lord of the Rings, until I read the Three Musketeers. It fits much better with the latter, most notably that D'Artagnan recognizes the female antagonist by her ring.
  12. Draggin' the Line by Tommy James
  13. Are we including single artists, like Rick Springfield & Olivia Newton-John?
  14. Udo

    2009 in music

    Any good bands planning to reunite?
  15. Oh man, that's classic!
  16. Udo

    Songs about the girl of your dreams

    I need a lover who won't drive me crazy by John Cougar?
  17. Udo

    Bad Albums by Great Bands

    I still say Rush's Counterparts takes the cake. I just can't listen to anything on the album at all, and I like just about all their other material.
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    I refuse to dignify that with a response, other than this reponse.
  19. Udo

    Songs about hospitals/surgery/illness

    Day Too Soon by Sia has the line Darling I will stitch you...
  20. Udo

    Songs with Literary References

    Bruce Springsteen wrote & performed Fire before the Pointer Sisters got hold of it.
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    This thread is light years ahead of its time.
  22. Udo

    Bungle in the jungle - Jethro Tull

    Well, that's all right by me.