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Hot enough for ya?


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Since the seasons are changing, I thought the "How cold is it..." thread needed to morph into one about warm temps. Since I hate it when people ask me "Hot enough for ya", I decided to use it for the title of this thread.


This is about 6 miles from my house. It was 93F.

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Another day in the 90's today. I took Mya up into the Angeles Forest on a remote fire road. We ended up traveling about 110 miles. There was still some snow on the North facing slope in one area. We both had a ball. Mom was happy to have some "Me" time, too.

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I live in a 1 bedroom ground floor apartment on the river Tay. I sleep with the heating on at random hours in the night (saves £££s), sleep on my bed on top of the usual sheet & mattress cover + a blanket, in a sleeping bag, with a mohair blanket and 2 duvets over me, in full winter regalia. Walk to work in boots with socks and leg warmers, a long sleeved top and a jumper, knee length coat, scarf and fur (faux) lined gloves. But I do have real bad circulation from the DVT.

It's still been blowing snowflakes about on random days, but it sure is pretty when the sun comes out :) It does get a little warmer, but the wind chill is freezing cold no matter what the weather is like. Walking home at night is the worst - cold, cold cold!

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These are leg warmers, Joe:


Very popular amongst non dancers in the 80's and dancers and cold women in Ireland to this day.

You mean they wear leg warmers AND other clothing?

How disappointing.

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