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Who's up for a List 40 Challenge?

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Laurie posted the 2003 re issue. I have posted that, as well as the original 1970 release

1970 Release

Side One

"Box of Rain"

"Friend of the Devil"

"Sugar Magnolia"



Side Two


"Brokedown Palace"

"Till the Morning Comes"

"Attics of My Life"


2003 reissue

"Box of Rain"

"Friend of the Devil"

"Sugar Magnolia"




"Brokedown Palace"

"Till the Morning Comes"

"Attics of My Life"


"Truckin'" (Single Edit)

"Friend of the Devil"

"Candy Man"

"Till the Morning Comes"

"Attics of My Life"

"Truckin'" (Live)

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Lou Reed"


Released: December 1972


1. "Vicious"

2. "Andy's Chest"

3. "Perfect Day"

4. "Hangin' Round"

5. "Walk on the Wild Side"

6. "Make Up"

7. "Satellite of Love"

8. "Wagon Wheel"

9. "New York Telephone Conversation"

10. "I'm So Free"

11. "Goodnight Ladies"

Produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson.

One of the best albums in rock history. Beautiful songs and amazing arrangements. A must.

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Jethro Tull


1. Aqualung (6:31)

2. Cross-Eyed Mary (4:09)

3. Cheap Day Return (1:23)

4. Mother Goose (3:52)

5. Wond'ring Aloud (1:56)

6. Up To Me (3:18)

7. My God (7:10)

8. Hymn 43 (3:18)

9. Slipstream (1:13)

10. Locomotive Breath (4:25)

11. Wind-Up (5:42)

From Wikipedia:

Aqualung is the fourth studio album by the rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1971. The first side of the LP contains a series of six character sketches, including two sketches of people of questionable repute (title character Aqualung and Cross-Eyed Mary) and two autobiographical tracks including "Cheap Day Return", written by band leader Ian Anderson while returning from a visit to his critically ill father. The overall message of the lyrics on the second side is said to be "pro-God but anti-church", and makes the statement that organized religion can actually restrict a person's relationship with their God instead of enhancing it. Anderson always denied any attempt to create a concept album.

The album was one of the first albums to be recorded at the newly opened studios of Island Records in Basing Street, London. Led Zeppelin were mixing their untitled fourth album at the same time. In an interview on the 25th anniversary edition of the album, Anderson reportedly said that trying to record in their studio was very difficult. There were two recording studios at the location; Led Zeppelin worked in the smaller studio while Tull got the larger, which was probably the original chapel based on Anderson's description of its "orchestral" feeling.

The album's original cover art by Burton Silverman features a portrait of the title character, Aqualung, which many have considered to be inspired by Ian Anderson, though Anderson denies it. The rear cover shows a less-lecherous looking portrait of the same character sitting on a street-curb with a dog, a scene reminiscent of the band's photographic portrait with age make-up and a pack of dogs on their first album, This Was. The inner art on the fold-out cover showed portraits of the five band members in typical stage attire performing irreverent acts in a chapel--perhaps simultaneously depicting the theme of the second side of the LP while commemorating the band's recording-studio environment.

Aqualung peaked at #7 on the Billboard Music Charts' North American pop albums chart. The single "Hymn 43" hit #91 on Billboard's pop singles chart. In 2003, the album was ranked number 337 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Just thought that Aqualung was a great album, and very interesting with the flute featuring so prominently, and that we needed some Jethro Tull on the MoC list.

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...and I have to renominate this one...



"Making Movies"

It was their third album and was released in 1980. Their best album and one of the best albums in rock history... though Rolling Stone only charted it#58.


1. Tunnel of Love

2. Romeo and Juliet

3. Skateaway

4. Expresso Love

5. Hand in Hand

6. Solid Rock

7. Les Boys

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I would like to nominate Suede - Dog Man Star.

1. Introducing The Band

2. We Are The Pigs

3. Heroine

4. Wild Ones

5. Daddy's Speeding

6. Power

7. New Generation

8. This Hollywood Life

9. Two Of Us

10. Black Or Blue

11. Asphalt World

12. Still Life

Probably one of the best bands of the mid 90s Britpop era, this is probably the highlight of their career.

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And another re-nomination... it´s worth it...

I see Blondie isn´t on the list...


"Parallel lines"


Released: September 1978

Producer: Mike Chapman

It´s their third album and the best, IMHO. It reached #1 in the UK.

Robert Fripp played guitar on "Fade Away and Radiate."

Line -up:

Deborah Harry, vocals

Chris Stein, lead guitar

Jimmy Destri, keyboards

Clem Burke, drums

Frank Infante, rhythm guitar

Nigel Harrison, bass


1. "Hanging on the Telephone" (Jack Lee)

2. "One Way or Another" (Nigel Harrison, Debbie Harry)

3. "Picture This" (Jimmy Destri, Harry, Chris Stein)

4. "Fade Away and Radiate" (Stein)

5. "Pretty Baby" (Harry, Stein)

6. "I Know But I Don't Know" (Frank Infante)

7. " – 11:59" (Destri)

8. "Will Anything Happen" (Lee)

9. "Sunday Girl" (Stein)

10. "Heart of Glass" (Harry, Stein)

11. "I'm Gonna Love You Too" (Joe Mauldin,

Norman Petty, Niki Sullivan)

12. "Just Go Away" (Harry)

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George Thorogood Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock

Released: May 18, 2004

1. Move It On Over

2. Who Do You Love?

3. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

4. Madison Blues

5. Bad To The Bone

6. You Talk Too Much

7. Gear Jammer

8. I Drink Alone

9. If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)

10. American Made

11. The Sky Is Crying (Live)

12. Reelin' & Rockin' (Live)

13. Willie & The Hand Jive

14. Get A Haircut

15. Rockin' My Life Away (Alternate Take) - Previously unreleased

16. Who Do You Love? (ROTHROCK REMIX) - Previously unreleased

Some of the most timeless classics by MISTER "bad to the bone".


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Jimi Hendrix ~[color:Purple]Are You Experienced? 1967


US version

Side 1

"Purple Haze" – 2:46

"Manic Depression" – 3:30

"Hey Joe" (Billy Roberts) - 3:23

"Love or Confusion" – 3:15

"May This Be Love" – 2:55

"I Don't Live Today" – 3:55

Side 2

"The Wind Cries Mary" – 3:21

"Fire" – 2:34

"Third Stone From the Sun" – 6:40

"Foxy Lady" – 3:15

"Are You Experienced?" – 3:55

Al Hendrix re-release CD Bonus tracks:

"Stone Free" - 3:41

"51st Anniversary" - 3:19

"Highway Chile" - 3:36

"Can You See Me" – 2:34

"Remember" – 2:51

"Red House" – 3:57

One of the most stunning debuts in rock history, and one of the definitive albums of the psychedelic era. On Are You Experienced?, Jimi Hendrix synthesized various elements of the cutting edge of 1967 rock into music that sounded both futuristic and rooted in the best traditions of rock, blues, pop, and soul. It was his mind-boggling guitar work, of course, that got most of the ink, building upon the experiments of British innovators like Jeff Beck and Pete Townshend to chart new sonic territories in feedback, distortion, and sheer volume. It wouldn't have meant much, however, without his excellent material, whether psychedelic frenzy ("Foxey Lady," "Manic Depression," "Purple Haze"), instrumental freak-out jams ("Third Stone From the Sun"), blues ("Red House," "Hey Joe"), or tender, poetic compositions ("The Wind Cries Mary") that demonstrated the breadth of his songwriting talents. Not to be underestimated were the contributions of drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding, who gave the music a rhythmic pulse that fused parts of rock and improvised jazz. Many of these songs are among Hendrix's very finest; it may be true that he would continue to develop at a rapid pace throughout the rest of his brief career, but he would never surpass his first LP in terms of consistently high quality.

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A timeless legend. Buddy Holly.

1. That'll Be The Day

2. I'm Looking For Someone To Love

3. Words Of Love

4. Not Fade Away

5. Everyday

6. Oh Boy!

7. Peggy Sue

8. I'm Gonna Love You Too

9. Maybe Baby

10. Rave On

11. Think It Over

12. Fool's Paradise

13. Early In The Morning

14. It's So Easy

15. Heartbeat

16. True Love Ways

17. It Doesn't Matter Anymore

18. Raining In My Heart

A collection of some of his best works, Buddy Holly & the Crickets. There are many other hits not included here on this CD, but this has the best collection of their HITS.

A pioneer of music, an underrated Rock n Roll icon in my opinion. Giving way to the flashier icons, like Elvis and Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and the Comets. Buddy and the Cricks turned out some FANTASTIC music, unforgettable songs, with passion and sweetness not found anywhere else.

This album fills in for the casual listener, sparks the beginning for the avid fans.


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All right people listen up! :grin:

For some reason, Elvy seems to be very busy right now (lord only knows why ;) ). So, I'm going to take a bit of her load off, by lending a hand here. I've been looking things over, and it seems as though there's a very nice list going. We'd like to wind it up soon, so, if you are so inclined, please give us your suggestions within the next couple of days.

I've found one area that we seem to be lacking in. I'll be back later with that nomination! :grin:

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