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Norweigan Wood - The Beatles


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If you can read very basic music, that is, know the simple notes on a keyboard, perhaps you can play these notes and tell me what the name of this song is! I've been wondering forever! I want to find this song and buy it! Help!

I'll start with the G-note:

G A G F E D E C Bflat E A G

The highest note on the list is the first "A" so the "C" would be lower than the "A" The notes in green are lower on the keyboard than the "C"

I hope you can figure out what I'm trying so hard to explain! It's not easy. Please try though! I really appreciate it so much!


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EUREKA!!!! I FINALLY found out the name of the song I've been searching for, for sooooooooo long now! It's "norwegian Wood" by The Beatles!!! Thankfully I was in IHOP last nite with friends when the song came on their sound system and I asked my friends (they're in their 50's!) what's THAT song?!?!! In unison they said it was Norwegian Wood!

Thanks for all of you that tried to help!


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