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  1. EUREKA! I FINALLY found out the name of the song I've been searching for, for sooooooooo long now! It's "norwegian Wood" by The Beatles!!! Thankfully I was in IHOP last nite with friends when the song came on their sound system and I asked my friends (they're in their 50's!) what's THAT song?!?!! In unison they said it was Norwegian Wood! Thanks for all of you that tried to help! janet
  2. I don't know any of the words, but it has a medieval sound to it. Sung by a man or man band. Probably from the 60's to early 70's. A bit similar to "Going To California" by Led Zeppelin. janet
  3. Well, I'd say a moderate to fast waltz beat. Thanks for asking...I sure hope someone can help me out with this one! janet
  4. If you can read very basic music, that is, know the simple notes on a keyboard, perhaps you can play these notes and tell me what the name of this song is! I've been wondering forever! I want to find this song and buy it! Help! I'll start with the G-note: G A G F E D E C Bflat E A G The highest note on the list is the first "A" so the "C" would be lower than the "A" The notes in green are lower on the keyboard than the "C" I hope you can figure out what I'm trying so hard to explain! It's not easy. Please try though! I really appreciate it so much! janet
  5. Another side note: There really is part of the song where the singer goes-"La, lalalala, lalalaLAH, lalalala"!!!
  6. Definitely an oldie, likely late 60's to early 70's. janet
  7. Anyone know the lyrics to "Cure" by the Wild Colonials? The song was featured in the movie "Cabin By The Lake" with Judd Nelson. Thanx!
  8. I don't know any words and obviously I can't hum the tune, so I'll ask you to put your wildly imaginative thinking caps on now to see what you may come up with! I heard this song that I really loved. I would describe it as a sound you'd get if you crossed "Lucky Man" by Emerson, Palmer & Lake with "Going To California" by Led Zeppelin. It has a medieval type of sound. The singer(s) do sound a lot like Emerson, P & L and the song is simply orchestrated. No fancy synthesizers or such. I know I'm not giving you much to go on, but if you can think of any songs that are sort of in this style or genre, please tell me and I'll go to Amazon and listen to it on their music sampler. Thank You! janet
  9. Thanks everyone! I'll enjoy doing my "homework"!! janet
  10. It's not a new song by any means, but I thought of the song by Rita Coolidge called "we're All Alone". I seriously doubt it's the song you're looking for, but it's a good one! janet
  11. I heard a song in a restaurant a few days ago and couldn't hear any of the words, but I'd heard the tune before. Even if you could hear me, I couldn't hum the tune for you cuz I'm drawing a complete blank!! So all I can say is that it had a medieval type sound to it. When I say medieval, I mean sort of like the sound of Stairway To Heaven and Scarboro Faire. Since the odds of me hearing the song for a while are slight, I thought I'd ask you to name off some songs that you feel could fit into this category. I do know it was a male singer or band. The 3 groups that popped into my mind were The Who, Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin. However, I'm not saying it was any of these for sure. If it should happen that no one actually names the song I'm searching for, perhaps I'll still find some "undiscovered" gems by looking up your suggestions! I plan to use the Amazon song sampler to test the tunes you suggest. Thanks so much for any help! janet
  12. Thank you, JR! That's the song alright!!! Janet
  13. Hello my musical genius friends...maybe you can help me again...I was listening to the classic rock station and heard a song with this line in it: "Searching for a woman that's never been born". It is a male singer with only a guitar as accompaniment. The best i can describe it is that it has a lazy, laid-back kind of sound to it. I wish I had more to tell here, but that all I got... Thanx for any possible help! Janet
  14. let's say that I split music into generalized categories (albeit my own system...not technically correct I s'pose...) For me there is "hard rock" (Aerosmith, for example),"soft rock" (Fleetwood Mac), and "Classic Rock" (Which for me encompasses a LOT of acts!), and "Oldies rock" (Beatles) Anyhow, it works for me! :: I never even heard of "Take That" until yesterday!! HaHaHa!!! I'm an oldies lover for the most part! So I'm officially "old" now!!! LOL!!! janet
  15. That song is "soft rock" to me...to each his own! Janet
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