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  1. Over at another site, I created a list called "Classic Soul Tracks You Really Need to Hear" but the emphasis was on rare, unsung, unissued, etc tracks (although some familiar tracks as well). This track isn't so much unknown but the fact that Spencer Davis and the boys RIPPED it off! I don't need to tell you what the SDG named their track. I really hope they are paying %100 of all earnings to Homer Banks: Homer Banks' "A Lot of Love" Here is a track from their only release back in '74 (this single released in '73): Act 1's "Goodbye Love (We're Through)" And I can't close th
  2. No I wasn't kidding. I think people that happen to mention that that tune is overplayed is just agreeing with the masses (aka, too chickenpoop to stand out on their own). It's true - you rarely hear that tune on the radio. If it was on, then why would I change the dial? It's a great tune that never tires. :guitar:
  3. "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zep I only recall maybe once or twice ever hearing it on the radio.
  4. From this thread - What were the last facts you submitted? (last September) Anyway, six months and still a no show. I guess my Beatle credentials are not credible unless I stick back that old silly username of 'beatleant'. I may be older but I'm pretty sure I haven't lost that many brain cells.
  5. I don't think that's correct but I'm not one to argue. If you wanted to be technical about it and stay within the 'rock' genre, you could go as far back as King Crimson's early albums. Even Frank Zappa. I don't know the exact origins but I wouldn't be surprised that it evolved from jazz, primarily 'bebop', but not the 'chord and scale confinements' within bebop. Maybe 'Improvised Jazz' would be a better moniker in this case.
  6. I've mentioned a few math-rock bands in a post-rock thread long back and yes, there are similarities but not always the case. If your listening repertoire only consists of simple 3-chords and timely unaltered tempos, then I suggest to clean the wax out of your ear and be diversified! Anyway, to describe Math-Rock in simple terms - well, take progressive musicianship (and in most cases, well pioneered and ably talented at his/her instrument), maybe some abstract jazz here and there, etc., etc. do you see the picture? But don't let it stray you away for at times, it's a challenging
  7. For myself being a great Beatles fan, I never turn a blind eye to the fact that Paul's head is too big to walk through a normal door entrance. I still think that he wants more of the credit of 'The Beatles' than what he perceives from the masses. You know Paul, the Beatles wasn't a one-man band so get off that high horse. You were just as important to that band as the other lads. Without Ringo, you wouldn't have had the magnificent playing (and charm) of his input, especially in tunes like "Rain," "Paperback Writer," "A Day in the Life," etc. Without George, I wouldn't of been able to hea
  8. 8/10 Nice. Here's a tune that I'm still looking for a good rip (192 kbps min) on mp3. Anyone? Anyway, it's a tune I rarely hear anymore... Dreaming - Cliff Richard
  9. There will always be sub-genres and sub-genres to those sub-genres, etc., etc. I don't complain anymore. What really matters is what you like, and you have that right to categorize yourself. For a great example - Post-metal. Some really despise that term. Some just want to say 'metal' while others agree it's just 'sludge' or 'doom metal'. Whatever the case may be, it's really up to yourself how you want your association. I've been adding genre tags to my collection (although a tedious job, and I don't think I'll ever finish it) and I stick 'emo' on bands like MCR, Silverstein, Hop
  10. Although I think it's ridiculous for anyone to pay over $100 to see a band that was only in it's prime 30 years ago, I'll have to rain on the parade for the original post for it needs to be edited. The tickets are not available to the public. They're only available to members of the music industry. You can read all about it here from BBC News. I think it's safe to say that BBC News is a reputable news source. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7041500.stm
  11. "If I Fell" - #18 on my list.
  12. Lately, I've been listening to "Landing," a post rock band from the States. Nice and melodic, very relaxing stuff. "Landing" on myspace
  13. Most (if not all) tunes mentioned also have other instruments as well. I read 'guitars' so I think to list tunes that actually just end with 'guitars' only - with that in mind... I Feel Fine (Beatles) A Hard Day's Night (Beatles) Rivendell (Rush)
  14. From October 1962 to May 1970, The Beatles released 186 self-penned tunes. I have listed in order, my favourites of all 185 (sans 'Revolution 9'). I repeat, in order! pinkfloyd197 - Dear Prudence #42 on my list. edna - In My Life #112 on my list Laurie - "Let It Be" #116 on my list daslied - Long, Long, Long #174 on my list The Seeker - She Said She Said #68 on my list Sweet Jane 61 - I Will #114 on my list Sweet Jane 61 - In My Life #112 on my list Sweet Jane 61 - Love Me Do #36 on my list envisablepuppet - With a Little Help From My Friends #4
  15. I wouldn't be surprised that I have them listed with my old username. Anyway, here they are - 1) "My Sharona" by the Knack. Berton Averre does more than justice with a full frontal 1:31 ferocious attack on the fretboard that's complete, never needing more. 2) "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zep. No ad nauseum here, for just a great blues lead (A minor) with the 'F' thrown in for good measure. 3) "Ice Cream Man" by Van Halen. Everyone seems to nod for 'Eruption' as Eddie's cream of the crop. However, they overlook what I still feel is Eddie's best ever solo. 4) "(Only A) Summer Lov
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