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Above, Middle and Below-The Sequel


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^ I've probably seen a bunch of his movies, but I couldn't tell you which ones they were. I know I've seen Goodfellas.

> I prefer comedies. I like to be smiling when I leave the theater.

V Do you rent videos a lot and watch them at home?

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Yes. I call them "gatitas"...

I' m almost deaf due to the workers breaking it all on the first floor, I live on the second. I hate them. They claim they have to work... I work too, I have translations to do and I cannot even stay at home...

You wish you could go to sleep now


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^ Only the "music of the spheres," unless the cats are in full mating mode.

< I tune the TV to Turner Classic Movies or PBS and set the timer to 30 minutes.

v Are you a "morning person," or does it take forever to get out of bed?

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^ For sleeping yes, usually, for eating and etc no.

< I am crazy enough yet to get up at five every day for work/school and even when I'm not working or going to school.

v Do you often experience the frustration of waking up an hour or two early than your alarm and trying unsuccessfully to get back to sleep.

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