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Above, Middle and Below-The Sequel


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^ I've not a clue.

> I haven't been night-clubbing in a while. I am, however, planning to do exactly that next weekend with some friends from school. We're calling it stress relief therapy, and one of our friends is a bartender at a bar in Scottsdale, and she makes unbelievably good drinks. So... everybody come on down! :grin:

V Do you personally know anyone who's a bartender?

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^ Generally if I haven't seen 'em in a while it's because that is the way I enjoy it.

< Though there have been times when I haven't seen relatives simply because of circumstances not of my choosing. And then I do enjoy having dinner with them.

v Does that go for you as well? Including long lost friends?

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^ Relaxing...getting some work done and then going to my parents' house for Easter

> I have Friday and Monday off, too, so I'm looking forward to a little relaxation. I hope this cold wet weather gets better by then

V When is your next long or short break?

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^ Neither. I can't stand peanut butter.

> Peanut butter is one of those foods that I WISH I liked... it would have made things so much easier for my poor mom back in the day when she was packing all our lunches for school. :puppyeyes:

v what food did you not like as a child, but you've developed a taste for it now that you're *ahem* older?

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