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I just got a text message on my phone that was highlighted in red, from a 970 area code. I read it it, of course it was some obscene thing, and I erased it. Now I'm wondering if that'll come through as a charge to my phone, since it was highlighted in red. Anybody know about those?

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I googled about it, and found that there's an option you can use to send a message in red if it's a priority message, but that it doesn't cost any extra. Thank goodness, I'd have hated to call Verizon and pitch a fit because I had to pay $10 for an incoming text. :mad:

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I'd also like to add that it isn't always so easy to get rid of some of these malware programs.

Years ago, my friend's computer wouldn't even allow him to get online.

He had no anti-spyware/malware program installed on his computer, so I had to make a list of all his running processes and research them on my computer.

What I found was that he had a nasty called "Huntbar",(if I remember correctly) and it was sucking up all of his resources.

I found how to manually edit the registry to rid his computer of it but it took many, many hours to do it.

It would have been easier to wipe everything out back to original settings but he didn't want to lose what he had on there (especially his family photos).

Editing the registry can be tricky and one wrong mistake can cause problems, so that's why it is important to run scans often.

Try the anti-malware program that was mentioned in the "grind your gears" thread.

I've never heard of that one but a couple of our forum members here have had success with it.

Thanks so much for the help Brad! I'm gonna try a few more things and my last option will be a full reset. Actually it's been a few years since I did a complete format. Maybe I should do so, and install windows 7.

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HELP!!!...Ever since I upgraged intetnet explorer...I cant connect to any of the youtube or any kind of links that are in the post....I can go to youtube or whatever site, and the videos do play...but when I try to click on links that people have posted here, they don't connect...????

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I had problems when I upgraded IE as well Laurie. It got so bad I switched to Fire Fox and have had no problems since.

It's very user friendly and not hard to use at all. I wish I had done it years ago ;)

I was afraid at first but Farin was a big help and the change over was very easy :D

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