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Curiosity got the best of me...

The newest food recall includes Pringles flavors: Restaurant Cravers Cheeseburger and Family Faves Taco Night.

The Food and Drug Administration believes they may be infected with salmonella. If your chips have a "best by 2011" stamp, they might be at risk.

If you purchased these chips, call Procter and Gamble for a replacement coupon or a refund.

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:neener: :laughing:

I'm babysitting and put it in the wrong thread the first time so I moved it ;)

We found the problem. There was no disk in it to begin with :laughing: The kid told DH he put a disk in it and it wouldn't work so DH spent an hour trying to figure out how to get it out.

And before you ask, no he wasn't supposed to do it by himself, but we were being distracted by the baby.

I've come to the conclusion I'm to old to chase little ones :puppyeyes:

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Same can be said for Farin ;)

There was a recent thread here somewhere where this topic was mentioned but I don't remember when or where (comes with old age) something about being able to read and write English better then speaking it?

I was very impressed with our over the seas youngins'. But then, I always am ;) :D

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Oh, certainly! And I did not mean to exclude any of our English-as-second-language SFers when singling out Levis for my question. I had just read one of her posts and it struck me that she is from India and yet has a terrific mastery of English.

Struggling with Portuguese, as I do, makes me appreciate those who are fluent in multiple languages. It is a an aptitude, a gift and one to cherish. Kudos to all that post here so clearly in a language other than their native tongue! (Of course to many in India, English IS their native tongue, hence the question for Rahdi.)

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Yup, you would be right - English is my first language. My hindi/urdu is a bit more halting and confused - I have zero mastery over it and use it as nothing more than a communication tool. English, on the other hand, I can mess with a great deal more without affecting the meaning of what I want to say. :)

I do wish I could have the same control over urdu, though, because that is 319401753 times more beautiful a language than English, but I guess there aren't that many people who'd be able to appreciate wordplay in that language. It's a bit old-fashioned now..

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