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Here are some great Australian songs. All except the Cold Chisel songs are from this decade:

Bob Evans (what I really like about this guy is that he is the only current artist I know where if someone told me his music was recorded in the 60s or 70s, I would believe them):

Nowhere Without You - reminiscent of 60s pop.

Don't You Think It's Time - reminiscent of Bob Dylan.

Cold Chisel (my favourite Australian act - ever):

Khe Sanh - extremely popular over here.

Cheap Wine

Forever Now

Flame Trees

Thirsty Merc:

In The Summertime

I would add another Powderfinger clip, but they don't have very many on YouTube.

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That song is quite unusual in the way that it was originally released as one of three B-sides to "Where The Streets Have No Name" in 1987, but was later released as a single in 1998 (and that appears to be when the video was made). Unlike b-f, I like it.

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I've been trying to locate this one-hit wonder from 1980: no sign of it available anywhere (compilations, etc)

Sue Wilkinson - "You'ver Got To Be A Hustler If You Want to Get On"

Warning! This home-made video is a bit on the risque side (though quite funny: like the song, I suppose.)

If any of you Internet-search experts are able to locate this track available for sale (any format) or download, please let me know!

During my search, I discovered that Ms. Wilkinson died quite recently. :(

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