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guitarists of this age??


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There are lots of guitarists I enjoy. While talent may count for a lot, attitude and flash sure go a long way.


I had the pleasure of seeing this man in his early days, with Bon Scott, Aug. 30th 1978: Seattle, WA (Coliseum) Supporting Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick.

When this guy (Angus Young) took to the stage, me and my buddy stood there absolutely motionless, jaws on the floor, watching this guy (cross between Chuck Berry and the Tazmanian Devil) rock the stage from side to side absolutey setting his guitar strings on fire!

Check this out: Angus Young Signature Gibson SG with -a faithful reproduction of the artist?s original trademark axe. IN A WORD ... AWESOME!


And the man who started it all...

Mister Les Paul


:rockon:~~~~~~~~~~ ROCK ON ~~~~~~~~~ :rockon:


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Yea i agree with you totally on slash. Isn't Velvet Revolver supposed to revive rock or something like that.

I never understood why people think rock needs to be revived. Its been the most popular, best selling genre for over 50 years straight.

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I picked up the Velvet Revolver album Contraband, it's not bad, but no where near as good as the previous bands, it's mostly just a slightly harder version of STP. Weiland doesn't really cover any issues he hasn't before, and Completely lacks the same arrogance that Axl professed. My favorite tracks are Headspace, Dirty Little Thing, & Spectacle.

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Ken, I am afraid that was your worst post I have read!!

First of all, Angus Young does'nt have any guitarn solos except at the start of thunderstruck. I agree with the ac/dc stuff you wrote, you know 30+ years and 20+ albums but does that define the best GUITARIST?? in my opinion,angus's version of the duck walk made him famous

bottom line



#3 zakk wylde


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angus young probably is the guitarist that can put on the best show because my dad loves ac/dc and ive watched tapes with him and angus is a good show guitarist but as far as talent goes he isnt even in the top 20 imo. he does have a couple solos i know he has one in shook me all night long pretty kick ass.

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Tom Morello is a joke. Petrucci owns Morello and most other guitarists mentioned and otherwise. So do Eric Johnson, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani, to name a few. In my opinion Eric Johnson is the greatest technical guitarist to ever live. He doesn't "need" distortion and other crap, as you guys accuse most shredders of, but he is very picky about his tone and style. You can't get the same sounds with an acoustic. It's not about being easier; an electric guitar is just a thousand times more versatile.

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