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  1. Oh, he's beautiful! I like the one with the hat, he looks like a little old man and I want to kiss those cheeks!!
  2. We love your recommendations, keep them coming! If your recommendations have been overlooked, please remind us - thanks everyone.
  3. Sara

    List #7

    Hi everyone, I can't believe we're already on our 7th list! Here it is: Leftism - Leftfield Document - R.E.M. Hopes and Fears - Keane Love At First Sting - The Scorpions Don't Give Up On Me - Solomon Burke If you take a listen to any of these, let us know what you thought.
  4. Congrats! - and don't forget to post pictures!!
  5. Oh man, I should've put my guess in - I never got around to it but I SWEAR it's the 11th! I always pick two weeks past the due date on first babies, they're slow! Well, I can still put a guess in for the time, I'm going with 5:52AM.
  6. Forum Rules: These message boards were created to allow open discussion among our members. Please adhere to the following rules and guidelines when posting or replying to messages. With everyone's compliance, the message boards will remain a great place for people to enjoy! No profanity Any reference to, or use of profanity will not be tolerated. In some cases, it's neccessary to indicate a certain bad word, so you may use edited words such as s**t. This is how we handle Songfacts for things like the song "You Oughta Know." No personal attacks or hate posts Songfacts has thousands of members which include people from all backgrounds. Please respect the opinions of others and do not make personal attacks. You may disagree with someone's opinion, but you may not attack the person for posting that opinion. If you have a complaint about another user's conduct, notify a moderator rather than responding yourself. Posting images If you would like to post an image, please post a link to the image, otherwise, follow these guidelines: 1) Images should be hosted with an image hosting service or on your own web site. This prevents unauthorized use of bandwith from a non-affiliated web site. 2) Do not post more than 40k worth of images in one post. This is out of courtesy to users with slow internet connections. 3) Do not post images wider than 400 pixels. Large images can cause the page to stretch beyond the width of the computer screen, making it difficult to read. Thanks & Enjoy!
  7. Sara

    New Server

    Carl fixed the url issue so perhaps that was the problem. Thanks for your patience!
  8. Sara

    List #6

    Here's the latest... hope you find something new and interesting! Goodbye to Romance - Alex Skolnick This is an album of Classic Rock songs in a Jazz arrangement. Alex is a heavy hitter in the world of Rock guitar, and set out to prove that Heavy Metal/Hard Rock has produced excellent songs. We get CDs from time to time, and our ears liked this one. It's a little different, but you might really enjoy it. Animals - Pink Floyd It's about time for some Pink Floyd! One Nation Under a Groove - FunkadelicThis one's for Carl, he's a big George Clinton fan. London Calling - The Clash The World Inside - Human Drama
  9. I think an older version of the home page was put up when we switched to the new server. Doesn't matter now, we're on to #6!
  10. This has turned into an interesting topic. Curiously, when I named this forum I wasn't thinking "Classic Rock" per se. I like DJ KAT's explanation of classic as being a car (or song, etc.) that is at least 25 years old - I was thinking more along these lines when I chose the name. I agree that "Classic Rock" is well defined as 60's and 70's and "Oldies" anything from the 50's and earlier. To me classic music is simply older music. Is the name 'Music Discussion Classic' misleading? Did you guys think we were referring strictly to classic rock?
  11. Sara

    New Server

    I've been having the same thing happen to me, we think it may have to do with the change of the url and we're trying to figure out how to fix it. I'll keep you posted!
  12. Sorry, I'm not sure what the problem was. I'm glad you able to get it changed finally!
  13. Thanks! Nothing, because there's eight.
  14. Oh, I just thought of something...make sure the file is smaller than 6k. It won't accept anythng larger.
  15. You are soooo right! Thanks!
  16. Ohhhh, gotcha. That was very dense of me! Well, the boards don't have that command but you you can use html to increase the size and it's similar to the UBB code. Here's how: < font size="+1">This text will be larger.< /font> You can put any number 1, 2, 3... and it will increase incrementally. I put leading spaces afer the '<' so the code will display here, so remove the spaces to make it work: <font size="+1">This text will be larger.</font> Edited: Oh no, it didn't work - it didn't read the html. I know the syntax is correct, but I've had this problem before. Sometimes I try to use html and the boards just don't read it, other times it works fine. Sorry, I've never figured out why. It's worth a try, it may work for you.
  17. I'm seeing a red blob with a face - is that what you just put up? It may be that your old avatar is cached on your computer. Try emptying your cache and clearing out the temporary internet files. Let me know if that takes care of the problem.
  18. Do you remember any of the song lyrics? Or what time period it came out in? Sounds like it could easily be a cheesy 80's video!
  19. I checked Amazon.com and iTunes, neither had those versions. It's possible that single was only sold as a cassette single.
  20. You should be able to change the font size in your browser settings, that's how I do it. The exact menu option varies from browser to browser, but for an example: on Internet Explorer on my Mac I go to the 'View' menu and then there's a 'Text Zoom' option that allows me to increase or decrease the font size to my liking.
  21. Keep those great ideas coming....feel free to mention an album again that hasn't made a list yet.
  22. Great suggestions, I had a tough time deciding. Maybe we'll have to expand the list to 10 albums. And the winners are.... The Best of Wet Willie - Wet Willie Isola - Kent Irish Tour - Rory Gallagher O - Damien Rice Audioslave - Audioslave
  23. Labyrinth is one of the few movies I own on DVD. I've been in love with the Goblin King (Jareth) since I was ten! I can't tell you how bad I wanted to be Jennifer Connelly when I was little - and I thought it was soooo cool that her character had my name!
  24. We removed the member search a while ago, it's a large search that really taxes the server and in turn contributes to slowing the site down. We'll consider putting it back once we have our new server up.
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