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Who is (or was) the worlds best guitarist?


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You seem to be forgetting some great guitarists. How 'bout John Petrucci and Zakk Wylde? And of course, my all time favourite, Ronni Le Tekrö of TNT. His machinegun technique is awesome. He was ranked the 4th best in the world, but people seem to have forgotten 'bout him. Check out TNT (The Norwegian band, NOT the spanish!), you won't regret it!

Cheers! :guitar:

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I would agree that Zappa is my favorite, followed in no particular order by

Adrian Belew

David Hidalgo

Jeff Beck

Dave Davies

Steve Hillage

Steve Cropper

Neil Young

Steve Stills

Tom Verlaine

Richard Lloyd

the guy in Talk Talk


Albert King

Albert Lee

Andy Partridge/ David Gregory

Richard Thompson

Roy Buchanon

John Fogerty

Sonny Sharrock

John McLaughlin

Robert Quine

Don Rich

Eddie Hazel

Ernie Isley

Teeny Hodges

Smoky Hormel

Nels Cline

Too many more to get them all. The lists in the Guitar Player and Rolling Stone are ridiculous, Adrian Belew wasn't ranked in either one. Gimme a break.


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I find it amazing and almost insulting that a mere ONE person has mentioned my name ( ::)But seriously, most people are basing their choices on who moves their fingers up and down the fret board quickest i.e Mark Knopfler. Knopfler is a great guitarist but if you want to hear the most original and talented guitarist since Hendrix, then JOHNNY MARR is your man. He engineered some previously unheard of tunings and used a combination of blues tunings that nobody realised that he did. He mixed rockabilly with theatric with touches of new-wave. the man is a genius, maybe not the best ever, but definately a contender.

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Erm,Johnny Marr was the guitarist for the band voted by British music press as the most influential band ever, The Smiths. In guitar magazines and guitar tv programmes, he is constantly bracketed in the top 10 guitarists of all time. To me, he is the best.

Good to know. You learn something at Songfacts all the time.

Actually, I was being facetious when I asked who he was. I was just messing with you a little.

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The truth is, that this is a world full of unsigned talent, and some of the Truly Greatest Guitarists have never been heard outside of local circles. It seems that today Recording Companies are pushing their dollar on commercialization instead of actual talent, which in the end is corrupting their sales.

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Yer to me Hendrix is definately up there, but I guess it is a bit of a hard one. Music can be really restrictive when measuring the degree of a guitarists talent, I mean there are heaps of awesome guitarists out there. Slash, Santana,

John Frusiante, Flea (Bass), Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars (Motley Crue - I mean I know their music wasn't everyones cup of tea - but they could belt out some quality). But I guess Hendrix is like the icon that inspires a lot of guitarists initially - so hats off to him!!

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The complete lineup of the sex pistols,

Johnny Rotten - Screaming vocals and taunting the audience

Sid Vicious - Disjointed playing of the bass and overall drunkedness on stage

Steve Jones - Playing of the guitar

Paul Cook - Fast playing of the drums, keeping the song toghether.

The one and only punk band you need

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