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Word Up II


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Questions unfolding like books and their pages

They just keep on turning for me

And I keep on asking,

Why every question will somehow relate back to me

Oh, I was told by a knight of the sun,

That wisdom could set people free

Be content in your questions

And may I just mention

Youre only a drop in the sea

- Drop in the Sea ~ Kula Shaker (I adore it)


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:puppyeyes: why is it that it seems to always be my words that no one can find? I've seen many, many words used in this game that were song-specific (not used in any songs save the one the poster was thinking of) and it never stopped anyone from playing.

It's been a very long day, so sorry that I'm cranky. "Sister Honey" by Stevie Nicks has the word "starstream" in it, and that's the song I was thinking of.

Somebody else think of a word. I'm brain dead.

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"The same again...

Another disappointment.

We couldn't perform

In the way the other wanted.

These social dreams,

Put in practise in the bedroom.

Is this so private:

Our struggle in the bedroom?

Is this really the way it is?

Or a contract in our mutual interest?

from "Contract" by Gang Of Four

"Contract" features on GO4's "Entertainment!" album, which happens to be my favourite album of all time.

Word Up: "disagreement"

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