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Word Up II


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"I know so many people who think they can do it alone,

they isolate their heads and stay in their saftey zones

Now what can you tell them,

and what can you say that won't make them defensive..."

"I know there´s an anwer", The Beach Boys

word up: regarding

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When I first met you, girl, you didn't have no shoes

But now you walk around like you're front page news

you've been awful careful 'bout the friends you choose

but you won't find my name in your book of the who's who

"Steppin' Stone" ~ Monkees

Word Up: Counterclockwise

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:laughing: :laughing: "get the hump" :laughing: I have no idea what that means, but it sounds funny!

My beloved b-f, I can't believe that I, of humble vocabularic means, have stumped you, the man who sits atop the pinnacle of my word worship ~ regardless if it's due to language barriers. :grin:

You, sir, may use whatever form of "clockwise" you wish.

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Alright alright. Since not even b-f will use his "clockwise" word on this, I'll answer it with the song I was thinking of and put another easy word out for you all...

"All my friends are laughing

at each other's lies

and the sea is singing lullabyes

and everything's slowing down flowing counterclockwise..."

"Counterclockwise" ~ RCPM

Word Up: closet

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Motivation Proclamation - Good Charlotte

motivate me i wanna get my self out of this bed

captvate me i want good thoughts inside of my head

if i fall down

you come around

pick me right off of the ground

if i fall down

you come around

pick me rightoff the ground

Word Up - journey

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They said, "amigo don'tcha worry

now we're gonna disappear,"

Couple of months they said,

Now it's been almost a year

I know that if you want that kind of money,

man, you gotta stay brave

Federales are pullin' bodies out of shallow graves

Yeah, dumb and drunk as we was

You know we'd do it all again

Back when I bought a switchblade

for each of my friends

"Switchblade" ~ RCPM

Word Up: tires

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