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Word Up II


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I know you danced the mash potato fine

But that don't show me that you're really mine

What's your dancin', without romancin'?

So put that somethin' extra on the line

Gimme (gravy)

On my mash potatoes

Gimme (gravy)

C'mon an' treat me right

Gimme (gravy)

Baby, you're the greatest

So gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gravy tonight

I dig this twistin' but I want some more

There's somethin' missin' while we're on the floor

C'mon baby, I want some gravy

A little kissin's what I'm waiting for

Gravy (on My Mash Potatoes)-Dee Dee Sharp

Word up: Potroast

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"Mm-hmm, soda pop, watch it fizz and pop

The clock is tickin' and we can't stop (can't stop now)

Mm-hmm soda pop, bop, shu-bop

The clock is tickin and we can't stop"

"Soda Pop" ~ Britney Spears (with some obviously intellectually-inspired lyrics there)

Word up: taillight

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(Off the top of my head, hope it's right)

"Daniel's travelling tonight on a plane

I can see those red taillights heading for Spain"

Opening lines of "Daniel" by Elton John.

I've often thought how fortuitous it was that, of all places, Daniel went to Spain. That song would have been knackered if he'd gone to Morocco, Turkey, The Maldives, or any other holiday destination you care to mention.

Word up: bumper

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Well, I don't give a damn about a green back dollar

Spend it fast as I can

For a wailing song and a good guitar

Are the only things that I understand

Oh Lord, the only things that I understand

"Green Back Dollar" - The Kingston Trio

Word Up: Wildest

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There's no need to find a reason for your dreams

For there is always more to dreaming than there seems to be.

And I'll be thankful if through out my life you dream of me.

It's all that I could ask for while I live.

A dream is such a lovely gift to give.

Ah, da, da.

Your fragile beauty caught me in it's web.

And I am held by every silver strand of love you spin.

Here in a swirl of sleeping circles all my dreams begin.

Dreams that somehow always end with you.

You're the one that makes my dreams come true.

Sleep is lovely when you sleep next to me.

And while you're dreaming let your thoughts all run free.

But if I could understand what makes you free,

Then I would capture you and hold you for eternity.

But I'm afraid that would destroy the love you feel for me.

And loving you is how it has to be.

Reasons don't mean anything to me.

Loving you is how it has to be.

Reasons don't mean anything to me....

Reasons don't mean anything to me....

No Reason for Your Dreams-Don McLean

(My favorite Don McLean song)

Word Up: Serene

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