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How cold is it where you are?


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I'm freezing

It's good that you can be freezing and still manage to make your fingers agile enough to type a post.

Even better that you can freeze and still live.

That Edna....Wonder-Woman incognito!


Oh, did I mention how cold it is or how a very long time ago I too was frozen in a block of Antarctian ice? They shoudln't have thawed me out because I was happy living inside an ice-cube since I wasn't aware anyway!

Sometimes, it's better to be frozen than melt because I truly can't fathom anyone ordering a melted ice-cream cone.

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Well to be fair, I wish I did care more about Xmas, I'd get gifts :(

The only other time I celebrated Christmas was when I went to Cochin in Kerela when I was 11 and that's a Christian state and we stayed with some friends of the family and it's also near the equator so I landed there and it's a blazing hot and 35 degrees and also Christmas. I think it's funny I've never had a winter Christmas :D (apart from aforementioned bunch of holidays I only really care about because it means my birthday is getting closer, wooo :rock:) (darnit I'm going to be old :mad:)

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