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username google game

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In this game, look up your username on Google. Post a link to the first site on the page, and go to google images and post the first picture on the page.


a website about the movie "Batman Begins"

Sigh, no surprises there. But there's been some good ones at other forums.

Oh, and if you have a name that's two words with no space, put a space in between the words.

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Well, waddaya know. The very first Uncle Joe site belongs to a DJ... UncleJoe.com

And the very first image is this guy who does me little justice in the looks dept.: FIRST UNCLE JOE GOOGLE IMAGE Though I much prefer this third image: A GREAT PRODUCT NAME or even this one: A TRUER STATEMENT WAS NEVER HEARD Or, you can enjoy a nice slice of Uncle Joe here>>> ATZA SO NIZA, ZIO GIUSEPPE But, what the heyyyyy>> Da, Uncle Joeski!

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Thanks for being braver than me, Foxy.

Now I feel I should explain my username, so everyone doesn't think I'm pervy.

actually, i googled it a while ago because i was wondering what your username was, but thought it would be somthing embarassingly obvious so I didn't want to ask you. turns out google wasn't much help !:P unless you are the male escort DasLied!

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You are correct, Edna. It's by Marc Chagall, and I think it's called "Oh God". That's written in Russian in the right corner, so I assume that it's the title.

The old one was Mahler, but I got sick of looking at it. Rachel, "das lied" means "the song" in German, and it's part of the title of one of my favorite Mahler pieces.

And I am indeed a male escort.

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