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My public apology to Peaches

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In trying to make a joke, I have deeply offended one of our veteran members. It seems that I struck a nerve, and I would like for everyone to know how sorry I am for it.

I made fun of what Peaches holds most dear: her Tenacious D avatar. I know that Jack Black is the love of her life, and in a fit of jealousy I insulted him. Please take solace in the fact that I too like Jack, and in no way want to speak badly of him. Same for Kyle.

So, in closing, I just want to say that I'm sorry once again. I have the utmost respect for Peaches, and truly cherish her friendship. I hope that she can forgive my transgression.

In fact, this topic should probably just be a "Tribute To Peaches". Everyone here loves her, and she deserves every bit of love in return. Göttin, bleibe gnadig.

As a footnote, I would also like to apologize for being an extreme smart-ass.

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I blame myself. I should have warned you about just such a thing, Sir Daslied. I, too, once made the same error in judgment in the attempt at humor. Saying that Kyle is the driving force behind Tenacious D, is like saying that Oates is the more talented one. I took a tongue-lashing that stings until this day, and I shall NEVER do it again. I suggest everyone heed my warning.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :doh: :doh:

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I love a smart ass and a kiss ass, so you're covered on both counts, my darling das.

Sammy, you told me you liked that tongue lashing.

Paul, I love you too, sugar. But where am I going? I'll probably get fired after my Blockbuster letter, so maybe this should be my farewell thread.

And trust me, not everybody loves me. I am way too obnoxious for that to happen.

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To include my sweet psycho and a disclaimer.
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Everyone should love you, and here are a random number of reasons why:

1. She’s one of the most reasonable people you’ll ever meet.

2. She’s also one of the kindest.

3. She’s way funnier than I could hope to be.

4. She is ridiculously intelligent, but doesn’t flaunt it.

5. She’s not afraid to take it, and can dish it unlike anyone else.

6. She’s always in a good mood, at least outwardly.

7. She’s a fantastic listener, and gives great advice.

8. She’s always among the first to help someone with a problem.

9. She’s a moderator. Fear=love.

10. She has a spectacularly beautiful daughter.

11. She loves her daughter in an equally beautiful way.

12. Thanks to the Songfrapper’s map I know where you all live, so make with the love already.

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