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Scariest Bands

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What are the scariest bands of all time?

I was surprised not to find this topic after looking for it.

This was inspired by yesterday, when I was reading on the internet about death metal bands. One was called Mayhem


Yikes! One of the band members reportedly shot himself in the head, and the other band members ate his brains, and made necklaces out of his skull. And this man:


reportedly killed a member of the band Mayhem for owing him money, and, get this, "not being evil enough."

Yikes! I think I'll stick with Black Sabbath if I'm in the mood for scariness!

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There was a program about them and the Beasts of Satan last night on iTV I think. What a bunch of attention-seeking losers. Let's have pig heads on stakes when we perform because we're so "evil". Just sad :/

Well, you've got to admit the Norweigan ones are a bit scary

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Sorry Daryl, nobody else looked or sounded like Bros....

Whats with the pseudo Alice Cooper/Prince of Darkness makeup on the photos? Is that supposed to frighten people? I could run up and down the street in my dressing-gown showing my todger and scare more folk!!!



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GWAR (God, What A Racket!) appeared briefly on Empire Records...mmmm Marc.... Anyway! They think they are aliens from sex crazy planet and are millions of years old.

Mortiis I guess looks quite scary. Music is not too bad though.


Album covers for Mortem (A Russian death metal band) will churn your stomach. I wouldn't go and search for any now if I were you...

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Unforgettable because of their great talent (especially Barry Gibb) as performers, songwriters, producers - you name it. I'll bet they were just as uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, wearing those outfits as you are looking at them. Hey, that's showbiz. ;)

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