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Hi everyone. Joe, I think you asked my daughter's name...it's Samantha and she's 20 months old. Lately, a lot of people have been saying she looks older than that, even my parents. My next door neighbor's boy is 7 months older than she is and they are the same height.

As soon as I get a haircut (which explains why my hair was pulled back)I will try to post a better picture of myself.

I wish I did look like Lola bunny.....In "Space Jam", I remember her having quite the body....

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I was going to post a pic of myself rolling a joint with some very famous guy and other friends in a party, many years ago, but the uploader doesn´t allow that file... :grin:

Maybe it´s better this way because I don´t mind posting my picture but I don´t know if I should post other´s...

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He has a superb voice! Now you look completely different to the first photo Shawna, I'm all confused now! :stars:

Sue, maybe it's because there's 10 years in between photos. The one with Jesus was taken 10 years ago. I had my hair REALLY blonde in that one - and a lot shorter. The one with my son was taken this past May... my hair is closer to its natural color (whatever that is) and longer now. But they're both me - I promise. :grin:

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