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Oh, yes, Radhi!!!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

And please, somebody explain to me something about sexy high heels... WHO invented it??? I guess men, to see women wear them, because I don´t think no woman would love to wear that uncomfortable item (good when you dress to kill...). I can´t understand how some women prefer to go on high heels when they could walk happily with some normal and comfortable (and pretty) shoes.

Unless you´re a top model and paid for it...

Yeah, I admit I went to school a couple of times on high heels... a couple of times only!!! :P :P

I read a snippet about Mariah Carey in the morning which says that she wanted to be carried around on the sets of her video because the heels she was wearing made her feet hurt. And when offered slippers or some comfy shoes, she said she couldn't wear flats because "my feet repel them".


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I once read about where the wearing of high heels originated ~ with MEN. Men of nobility used to wear them to keep their feet from getting muddy when it rained (when the roads were all dirt). Women liked them for the idea that it would keep their dresses out of the mud in the same fashion. It was as recently as the 1800s that men were still wearing them.

And if you go to drag queen shows, you'll see men(?) wearing them still. ::

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HD did you hit your head so bad, that you might of forgotten to put another layer of duct tape around THE BOSS??? he could of gotten loose ya know, and I just happened to be right there to help him escape.... :shades: TheBoss.jpg

this is the snapshot I took as he was walkin out your door HD!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Are you talking about Springsteen? I just saw a guy looking very much like him, running past my place of business, wearing nothing but argyle socks and a pair of Rolling Stones boxer shorts, and his hands were bound with duct tape. Nahhhh....couldn't have been....

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :: ::

OMG...really????.....HD What did you do to him????

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