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In the name of through investigation, I have zoomed the picture and found that there is no chick in a red bikini. What you saw was a more prominent shot of a red beach towel. There are two other people on the beach with them. The guy on the red towel that you saw as a chick in a bikini did not shave that day.

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just to clarify things, there were two beaches right opposite eachother. from the beach i was sitting in, i took a photo of the fishing boat and a photo of the beach across. from what i remember, there was no chick wearing a red bikini in that beach :P . ooh and neither was i, the photo of me was taken on a different day

maybe i should post more photos of my holiday, uncle joe seems to enjoy them! :)

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Here is meh over in Northern Ireland last week, I had just finished an Audition and myself and my fellow dancers went out clubbing that night!


random pic...

Here I am (the girl shivering with cold) over in Mallorca about 5 weeks ago, I was over doing Irish Dancing show

cases! The water was freeeezing!



Do ya like the new hair? :afro:

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I aint waiting around for no digital camera! I'm taking regular human phorographs and getting them scanned!


We were vounteers this function in college and we had to get all dressed up and wear saris. I'm second from the left in the nice pink and green.


Sports Day

This is us after winning the trophy for marching and all grinning with our individual trophies. I'm sitting second from left (again)

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*running in the other directon*

It wasn't that bad. The photo was taken last September I think. But it was pretty torturous beecause my shoes were killing me!

Thankoo Peaches and Neda! :) You make me happy! :) :)

And Edna... your hair is pretty much the same length as a mine... a trifle shorter maybe.

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