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  1. Has anyone read any of Torey Hayden's books? I wholeheartedly recommend them - they are fan-bloody-tastic. Ive read all of them now, so I this summer I shall mostly be re-reading them all! Along with my Marian Keyes and Jilly Coopers!! Spiffing!!!
  2. Mine is "Gives a meal the Sarah appeal" I like it!!!
  3. Snotty ToiletBrain - are you sure you didn't know me when I was a child?! I am having flashbacks of that name!!
  4. Dat is bear good innit?? Sound man - I iz guna go tell all me matez at da park 2nite when we iz gettin off our 'eadz on White Lightenin and 2020. hee hee hee!!!
  5. Thanks for clearing that up for me Katie. I am still no closer in understanding why a British 'rap' group would litter their verses with that word though. Hmmmmm...?
  6. Whats an esky? There's a 'rap' group out at the moment in Britian and they keep littering their lyrics with that word...(I use 'rap' in a loose term, they are dire)... Please help clear this up for me!!
  7. What an absolute cutie McBootie!! I'd be showing her off too if I had a daughter that cute!
  8. Hahaha!! Nooo!!! I work with foster kids!! Although that is a good suggestion for those with pesky younger siblings!!
  9. At the moment I have the entire belongings of a 14 year old boy because I'm trying to find him a new home. Oh, and an awful lot of tat left over from when I moved house last year. And a flat tyre...
  10. Sarah - Thin Lizzy (My dad used to sing that to me when I was tiny!) Song for Whoever - Beautiful South "Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel toooooo"
  11. Oh my GOSH! In Blighty we're only on episode 12 on terrestrial channel, so last night Locke and Boone found some kind of metal hatch thang. I know I shouldn't be reading this thread, but I just know my interest will wane soon as there are just so many dagnam episodes!! Can someone PLEASE tell me if the identity of the monster has been revealed and if so what is it?! (Also, I'm sounding tres clever at work in our discussions of what the island is, because I'm getting 'hints' from said thread!)
  12. I was always fascinated with the 50's and 60's when I was growing up as a child of the 80's. I would have given anything to be a young adult in the 60's. Now, I'm really glad of my era; especially with the 80's revival that came about a while ago. I did notice that whilst all the fashion came back - ra ra skirts, and even shoulder pads for the die-hard fashion victims, not one item of da-glow clothing was seen! I ADORED my florecent pink skirt!! The music of early 90's was fantastic too - Brit-Pop at its best with Blur, Oasis, Stone Roses etc. (Still wish I could have been a flower child though!)
  13. Hee hee! I thought it may do!! So have I missed anything exciting? Any marriages/births/parties? I need distracting so tell me everything!!
  14. You remember me?! Have had a loooot of things going on and so haven't posted for a while. Have sometimes observed from afar though!!!
  15. More of a 'cult' type forum methinks!! Not really, just jealous I'm hovering on the outskirts!!
  16. I heard on the news today that America have had some telethons with celebs promoting donations of money and clothes...I really hope this encourages lots of people to dig in their pocket a little bit. By the way, did anyone watch the MTV music awards last night? That actress from Desperate Housewives, Eva someone or other really showed herself up up strutting onto the stage in a (awful) swimming costume and said "Well i'm not going to let a little hurrican stop me from wearing my swimsuit". Thats real nice Eva....
  17. Always!!! hee hee!! (Although if I met a man with an actual real snake in his trousers it would freak me beyond belief!)
  18. oh, and Cockfosters, which Ive always thought is slightly strange!! I live near a village called Towcester, pronounced Toaster, which I never realised was odd until I went to uni and my new friends pointed it out to me! I guess you just tend to accept these things growing up and not notice!
  19. I agree, mind you I'd like to meet a man with a snake in his trousers!!
  20. To be fair the only reason why I was a little low is due to my 'ever so slight hangover'....because I just LOVE work and instantly get a high just from being here. (Obviously, I mean why else would I be on here when I have sooooo much to do?!) But thanks for the pick-me-up!! :happybanana:
  21. I came into work this morning feeling sorry for myself and have a ever so slight whiff of a hangover, then I saw this thread. Have never giggled so much so early on a friday morning at work! I want to live here: 43 Honey Knob Hill, Wiltshire or, 37 Happy Bottom, Dorset Thankyou so much for that list!! I shall hopefully raise a smile with my colleagues now! x
  22. I am not very good at being on a soap box and expressing long winded views or particularly strong ones at that.... But all I have to say is...The government KNEW this was going to happen at some point and they had warning there was a major hurricane on the way. Why did it take so long for help to get to those who were in need? Also, I saw that those in the jails were seeking refuge on a bridge - can anyone enlighten me as to what happened to those in the hospitals in the area? Watching the events unfold on TV has reduced me to tears many times this week. I feel utterly helpless and so very frustrated. What is going to happen to these people? how will they rebuild their lives?
  23. I went to see Green day this year at Milton Keynes Bowl. Was the hottest day EVER (and for England, that's pretty damn hot!) and all anyone could muster up the energy to do was to throw water on each other. Then Green Day came on at about 9.00pm and played the most fantastic set ever. It'll be a day I'll never forget (or ever remember properly due to a day of drinking in the sun!)
  24. Hey Ken, just wanted to say your story filled me with some hope. Ive always known Im adopted...found out details when I was 18 yrs, such as who, where, when, how etc. I began to write to my birth mother, but stopped because I realised I wasn't quite ready for all of the details. I did find out that I have three half-sisters somewhere. I will never meet them because they do not know I exist and I do not know my birth father's name. After a few years of no contact with my birth mother I attempted to get back in contact with her - to be told she had died three days before from cancer and had tried to trace me for our first and probably last meeting. So I shall never know my birth father's family, but after reading your story its true that it really is a small world and you never know what's guna happen!!!
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