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Timeless Albums


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Who's next - The Who

Dark Side.. - Pink Floyd

A day at the opera - queen

Does anybody else have a sort of unchronological timeline about music? I look at the dates and find it strange that Keith Moon died before AC/DC released Back in Black, or that LZ 4 was released before Dark Side of the Moon

I know it doesn't make sense ;)

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Scary MonstersThis is a an unfocused choice, but "Scary Monsters," by David Bowie. I can envision that album being release this yaer and it woul most definitely be a chart topper.

A Night at the Opera by Queen would satisfy the "timeless" criteria as well.

"And Then There Were Threeby Genesis.

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A Hard Day's Night

Sargeant Pepper

The White Album

The Stranger



You, lady, have great taste!!! All these are primo and The Stranger is number one in timelessness.

Cheap Thrills - Big Brother and the Holding Company

One World - Rare Earth

The Magic of Ray Charles

What About Me? - Quicksilver Messenger Service

John Barlycorn Must Die - Traffic

Long Player - Faces

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