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  1. crazy diamond

    Rock INXS

    I don't like the show...music doesn't really get more commercial than finding a singer on national TV, does it? That said, I part of an episode last night and it had its entertaining moments. I just don't like the principle and I never liked American Idol anyway.
  2. crazy diamond

    Who reminds you of classic rock today?

    Definitely the Black Crowes...and I'm not a big Jet fan, but one of their songs reminds me of AC/DC. And does anyone know the Black Keys? They're a really good newish band (I think they do the whole power duo thing better than the White Stripes).
  3. crazy diamond

    Glitter Rock and Glam Rock

    Same here. And I love Bowie and T. Rex and the New York Dolls (they may be punk, but they're definitely glam too, have you seen the glitter and lipstick?)
  4. crazy diamond

    Songs That Document Rock History

    Actually maybe not...I kind of like Johnny. And Dee Dee had the street appeal. Way for me to be indecisive. Let's just say I love them all.
  5. crazy diamond

    Songs That Document Rock History

    Me too.
  6. crazy diamond

    The Velvet Underground

    I LOVE the VU ("Heroin" included, I've read a lot of first-person accounts and the song is pretty real). Definitely seminal-they just don't make music like that anymore. I'm currently obsessed with "Pale Blue Eyes." How about Nico on the first album? I've heard so many people say that her voice annoys them, but I've never been bothered by it. She doesn't sing on most of it anyway, and I like Nico-she's definitely a character.
  7. crazy diamond

    Common Words or Phrases

    and songs are always talking about eyes, specifically blue ones.
  8. crazy diamond

    Queen, Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin YOUR CHOICE

    Zeppelin! I love Queen and Floyd too though (I mean, my username here is from a Floyd song, give me some credit). The funny thing about Queen is that EVERYONE seems to like them. Maybe it's just where I live, but the metalheads love them, the kids who listen to rap love them, even the kids who have no interest in rock in general seem to like Queen. Now that is an accomplishment.
  9. crazy diamond

    Musical extinction

    I love punk and this new Green Day "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" business makes me want to cry. I'm also going to jump on the anti-rap bandwagon and say that I hope it changes.
  10. crazy diamond

    Timeless Albums

    I'm a fan of Yes (at least Fragile) but I wouldn't say it's really timeless. Most prog sounds dated, even if it's really good.
  11. crazy diamond

    Who is your favorite male vocalist?

    You can't beat Robert Plant-Freddie's the only one who even comes close. I saw Robert earlier this year here in NY and he stick kicks ass. Plus I am a raging Zeppelin fanatic, so, you know.
  12. crazy diamond

    The Beatles

    I never used to like the older Beatles stuff (pre-Rubber Soul) but lately I have seen the light. The later stuff is much better, but a lot of the early stuff is the simple, boppy love stuff that just makes people happy. I'll get the song "I've Just Seen A Face" stuck in my head for days.