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Well, you should see all the other pictures!! :laughing: :laughing: His hair is great in this one... anyways, I still find him attractive.

But I prefer Roger Waters. Or the guy from A-ha (thank you, EA!!! :thumbsup:) Better yet, Steve McQueen... John Lennon... thought they wouldn´t be in great shape right now... :P

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that's quite a strong statement. i really don't like hip hop but i would disagree with your statement

It's just my opinion. Not everyone will agree. I don't think rap is music. It's poetry with a beat, if I had to call it anything. It's not melodic, doesn't have any arrangement, no bridge, etc. It's just boom, boom, boom, with lyrics lyrics over it.

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you can have your opinion of course jr! but the majority of rap/hiphop songs do actually have a chorus with singing and more often than not some sort of bridge too! i think that when one is unfamiliar with a certain type of music it can be a blur and all sound the same. like my friends who don't like rock music think that rock songs are boring and sound the same. it's all a matter of taste and what you are used to.

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